Hot Wheels

Anybody collect these? Just found these in Target yesterday. Star Wars and Batman vehicles

Then I found some more today


That’s how they get you. Once the collectors bug hits it’s all down hill

Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon…uhhh, yes please.

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I want that pram…

But seriously the bat mobile line that just came out is super cool. There’s an animated series one, a dark knight tumbler, Returns, Forever, & Robin. The whole nine.

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I’ve had three or four of them and they are actually remarkably well detailed. I had the Solo one, ANH, sequel, and a die cast one I think. Looks great on the shelf if you want a tiny little representation of your Star Wars fandom.


I was buying the pop culture ones years ago. DeLorean, ecto-1, bat vehicles, etc.

I may have to get that Batmobile.

Those are the ones I need. The animated and Batman 89 look beautiful

They had all of them at my Wal mart. I’ll take a look for ya. No promises but I’ll look.

These are from a different series, not quite as large as the one @SpideyHunter516 posted… but I believe I have them all. They’re the only Hotwheels I own.

Lol I had to scroll through my photos and screen shot them all and create a collage.

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Dollar store holmie! or .99 cent store! booyah

I also got the new Batmobile collections. The 60’s, the 80’s, and the animated one. They have a lot of detail. I couldn’t say no to them lol. I also have couple if Star Wars and Spider-Man ones. Might post a picture later for you all.

Cool. Yeah Idk how I missed these over the years but I love the detail on them.

I picked these up at Target when they were on clearance.


A little Johnny Lightning.

Anyone else have an EBay car? :grin:

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I guess technically me since I pay for my Jeep from eBay sales.

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seen these when grabbing some more bananas.

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That Justice League Batmobile is dope too! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it!


It is!! I went looking for the animated and the tim Burton Batman vehicles but couldnt pass this up

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I just spent the evening pushing a Led Zeppelin van and a batmobile around my house yelling “vrroooo m vroom screeeech vroom” with my 2 year old daughter. That’s what hot wheels are for.

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