Hunters Moon First Appearance debate

Also, Moon Knight #1 is first full appearance of Hunters Moon. Multiple multiple panels of him speaking and shown in costume, no disputing that as much as some apps would like too.

My personal opinion on first full appearances vs cameos is: cameo - shown in only 1 panel with no speaking, first full - multiple panels (even if only 2) with a spoken word.

Bottom line when it comes to modern first appearances and either speculating, flipping or just collecting:

Buy the first cameo, first full, second appearance and first cover (whether it’s on the cameo, first full or second or beyond).


And if Hunters Moon actually turns into anything, the book will go up no matter the print run.

He’s not in full costume like he is on the cvr of #3.

But he is masked and you know now who he is though. I think the first issue is a first full. Face, identity, alter ego is known and portion of his costume with the mask… to me, that many facts provided is beyond cameo for me.

The thing that has #3 going for it is hes got the rest of his costume on and he’s on the cover…


I bought a bunch of the 3rd print in case #3 bombs. But, I have a feeling though both will definitely have some value. What hurts #1 1st print is the supply. I couldn’t bring myself to buy the Romita Jr sketch 2nd print.

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No lie at the show I was at this weekend and they had the 1:100 romita virgin for like $20


That’s what lots of exclusives can do to an incentive. It kills the market and lines the stores pockets. They prey on people who buy just for covers.


Because JRJ art looks like ass! That should have been an open order book and they would have had a winner with the Otto as the 1:100.


In my unscientific opinion that doesn’t really have any basis for anything, I’d say issue 1 is the first appearance and issue 3 is the first cover.


My sentiments exactly.

Ordered another copy yesterday now they are sold out

Not to be a downer, but if he is killed, that will the end of this spec. Of course, he could get resurrected again.
Remember, Godspeed on Flash.
I wish his character was developed a little more slowly, and carefully. Its strange that after all the many Moon Knight series/versions, he show up now so quickly.

You know my motto - tread carefully with Modern spec, and yes I ordered a copy.

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You think he gets killed in his first full issue? Or you just giving the what if scenario

Its my ‘what if’ scenario - I am sure his story will be dragged out for a few issues, but then he might die or disappear for awhile (or completely). Thats the usual MO for most series that are relaunched. Keep in mind that Moon Knight like Ghost Rider and Deadpool, etc. are great characters; its just that their series never catch on and are rebooted all the time !
For the spec to pan out - the character has to develop into something notable. Again, a good storyteller could prove me wrong.

I discussed my spec strategy on another post, so I wont rehash it here. My point as usual is to tread carefully ! And I could be wrong !

All villains/antagonists first appearances are hit or miss at first but no one truly dies in our made up fantasy stories. They (villains) always come and go, could be used again sooner rather than later. So villains are always either quick flip or really long term gamble as they’re not as prominent like heroes who become popular and get their own titles, etc.

You mean theres hope for Karen Page ??

I mean, never say never.

He may end up as a hero, eventually. Besides, villains have been getting more love lately. He has a cool look and it’s not like he’s a DC character. Even if he disappears, all it will take is someone to bring him back again.

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Why do I keep seeing people saying the leaked moon knight design might be Dr Badr or Hunter Moon Knight? First of all, that show has been worked on since like last year and Hunter’s Moon is like only a month old so no way he would be written about or put in the show before he even was created for the comics

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