Hunters Moon First Appearance debate

You know why. They are trying to pump these moon Knight issues.


KCC says Gambit’s first appearance is X-Men Annual #4, but then says Hunter Moon’s first appearance is Moon Knight #3 (2021).

KCC to me is not the final authority of first appearances. It’s just their own interpretation. Use it as a guide or tool to assist when buying, collecting, etc, nothing more or less.


To what end? To sell them for cover? People just speculate and talk about comics and movies. Sometimes it has nothing to do with pumping a book, whatever that even means.

If people that can influence the market need to pump a book that came out 2 months ago, to push cover price sales on a few dozen books they bought, they’re in big trouble anyway. And they’re really flipping bad at “pumping and dumping”

How do you know they are really bad at ‘p&d’ if you aren’t even sure what ‘pumping’ is? :man_shrugging:


Let’s not antagonize each other, please.


I mean you don’t know what he’s wearing under his clothes!

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Pumping a book means to talk it up through their sources (YouTube videos, articles, kcc, apps, SPEC websites, etc) in order to make people want it or have them have FOMO so people buy all they can or even at inflated prices. They don’t do it to make ends meet, they do it to make a profit.

Imo they are throwing around rumors of hunters Moon in being in the moon Knight series to increase profits on the books, when there is basically no chance it will be true since it’s a brand new character that’s been in literally only 2 or 3 issues that have just come out in the last month = leading to the conclusion they are trying to pump his books.


True but it’s a visual medium. We need to see it to believe it.

on the FOC LIST this week



I agree with this.

But people have been accusing people of pumping and dumping comics for god only knows how long. I don’t think the goal is to sell books they own.

Sometimes it is about content though. Social media guys, apps, and hell, even this website, need to talk about comics to keep people coming in. I even posted this thread to get people talking, and in turn, visiting the site. I have like 2 copies of #1 and have as many issues of #3. But I am not trying to sell the #1’s to make rent.


My thing with the whole “pump and dump” arguments is this.

If you give me your thoughts on a book, and at least take the time to explain why you feel it is a good book to buy, invest in, order, whatever, than I tend to not view that simply as a pump and dump. Even if your explanation is purely speculative in nature, at least you took the time to explain it. At that point it is up to me to decide if the information is worthy of me spending my money or not.

If you simply keep posting about a book, putting up pictures on instagram of it saying “you better get this…this book is fire, blah, blah, blah” that is more of a pump and dump imo. I see that very frequently. Folks telling me “dont’ sleep on this book” but really offering no insight other than they apparently have a bunch of them they will be selling.

It’s a very fine line between the two I suppose.


I agree with this too.

Absolutely explain why. Sometimes it’s just the posting of a book which causes a book to gain traction. I have seen it done. Shoot. We have put up posts that have caused books to get short term and long term heat as a result. But we do try to explain why we say it. We also never tell people to buy a book or not to sleep on something.


IMO, and not begrudging anyone else their freedom to comment on other spec sites, the final decision is on the speculator. Nothing I feel about another spec site, is going to change the spec site operators MO. Unless its criminal or a clear case of manipulation (with evidence), calling out or bashing another spec site is a waste of time IMO.
CHU (and like Anthony above) have usually put out reasons for their specs, and other posters on this site have done the same or been requested for more of an explanation on their spec (if needed), and then spec is discussed. I like this approach !
As long as it benefits another spec site to PnD or not (other reasons), these sites are going to be out there. Heck, I would even group online AND B&M stores putting out store exclusives in this group (as a spec site !).
My point is the speculator is the final researcher AND decision maker - I read as many spec sites as I can, and then do my research (how many books have sold, price sold for, outliers, sales progress, etc.), and then make a decision. This was in contrast to earlier, when I bought anything that was listed on a spec site (Have boxes of junk !). I also learnt which sites to trust, AND still do my own research. Still make mistakes, but I have only me to blame.
CHU should continue to ‘spec’ books, even those specced by other sites in a logical manner, but the spec site bashing is a waste of time IMO.
And no, I am not a KCC supporter, but will read the site from time to time for a starting point !


I remember that time I picked Amazing Spider-Man #55 and even said, pick up an extra copy or so which I rarely do. It still seemed to come off as a surprise to people after it heated up… All I can say is, told ya so! I bought 4 copies and still have 4 copies of it. :slight_smile:

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I was one that ignored your advice because it seemed to me like an attempt to mimic the success of the Batman Jock cover. Still managed to get one, and now have one of the 1:50 variant (Walmart pack). Curious to know the print run, and which one is the more better spec (for future investment).

Well, I do admit, I’m wrong way more often than I’m right… and if you ask the wife, I’m wrong 125% of the time. :wink:

Take it to the KCC Thread turd blossom.


Yes I’m pumping my own thread.


I should smite thee….

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