I Know We All Hate Funko Pops, but

@davidbitterbaum might like the Arachknight

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I love Funko Pops. Back when there were rarer ones I made some decent money flipping them. It paid for the ones I bought for my own small-ish collection.

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Everybody likes to play coy like they hate them, yet everybody has at least one or two littered around. I’m down to one yoda.

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I own one Funko, a Bucky Badger (my PhD school); it was so weird to find it randomly in MA that I grabbed it.

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I made some serious coin on all the original Marvel ones. I’ve only have a few left though. Last one I bought was Batman Who Laughs.

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Well that one was cool, so…

Not here. 0 pop.


Is it any surprise I have hundreds?

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No, but where do you keep them? I saw that video tour of your basement. No labyrinthian corridors of POPs

:musical_note: throw some coin to your Funko! :musical_note:

I’m addicted to Funko. I just ordered some Naruto ones on Wednesday lol.

No funko for me anymore. Had a bunch of rarer ones and prototypes. Helped me get back into comics actually.


It’s my job to find ways to sell the ones people don’t want to buy.

I legitimately hate them.


Mystery boxes?

I think or thought they were cute at one point. The ones I have came in Marvel and Smuggler Bounty boxes. Over time however, I have zero interest in them despite not really directly buying them. I’m surprised they’re even still around or have lasted this long. I always think to myself at some shops, how much more other merchandise they could have on the shelves that actually sell than the huge POP sections that never seem to change (until they have the big 75% off sale or BOGO Free Sales).

It looks like Funko is trying to push into other areas, but they all seem to be unarticulated stylized figures. There are new Soda Pop figures, plush, enamel pins, etc.

All things I have zero interest in still… :wink:

Right. I won’t knock others’ interest, but I buy comics instead. My coworkers understandably gravitate towards them as office presents so I have a full set of Christmas Star Wars ones (going back on my “I only own Yoda” statement I guess). Those come out in December.

I only buy them now if they’re on clearance.

So you’re saying you have a lot of Rose Ticos and Shazam’s?

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