I Like What I'm Reading (not spec'ing, but like actually reading)!

I’m the odd duck out at my LCS. They don’t stock many (er… any) non-cape books because every time the guy tries no one buys them. And then there’s me… I really like good stories/fun art. So I’m reading a bunch of goofy, definitely not for long-term investment hold, stuff at the moment and I wondered what everyone else is reading that they really enjoy.

My favorite books outside the big 2 right now are Tartarus (Image), Blade Runner 2019 (Titan), and Sea of Stars (Image). I’m a space/sci-fi guy for suuuuure. In fact, I think Tartarus #6 (new story arc) was my favorite book read over the last three weeks, and that had some stiff competition.

Here’s the non caped stories/titles I’m enjoying or reading.

Mercy is something I’m/I’ve enjoyed. Glad to see Andolfo is bringing back a spin-off from the story next year.

That Texas Blood. Just a great series.

Ascender, Gideon Falls and Family Tree. It’s Lemire.

Anything Black Hammer. Yes, it’s sort of got capes in it but it’s a completely different take.

Yasmeen from Scout. Very compelling story and very well thought out.

Everglade Angels but seems like this title fell off the face of the earth, which is completely ruining it’s momentum.

That’s just a few… I am behind on a lot of reading and most of my current reads are graphic novels. I do like to get a lot more in one sitting than a single issue. I’m a big junkie of War related graphic novels. I got some review copies of a few that I hope to post soon on main site.

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Oh and We Live after reading the second issue. Hopefully it keeps up the path it’s headed as a great book overall.


Yeah, I missed that one when it first came out! It looks very fun. My LCS would never stock something like that randomly to just discover, unfortunately. Indeed, they hadn’t stocked (or even had paid enough attention to hear of) Department of Truth, so since I wasn’t on the ball there either my copies are coming late until we’re back on track with their ordering schedule.

If you need or want a copy of We Live let me know… I got a few copies.

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Great topic. I’m sure I’ll keep adding.

Group 1 - books I will continue to buy regardless — Canto II, Die, Once And Future
Group 2 - I’ve been loyal but I’m on the edge
— Excellence,
Group 3 - new series I’m enjoying (less than 3 issues) - Spy Island, We Live, It eats what feeds it

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Origins ( Boom Studios) is a good sci fi read ( out this week)
We Live Has lots of potential in regards to their story. issue 1 and 2 have been a great read ( i also have a few extra copys if you need)
Scumbag from Image was a fun read.
I still like I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young ( Image)
Once & Future

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I am interested in taking you up on this; I’d love to get a copy to read!

Sorry, not familiar with this concept

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Let me know if you can’t obtain a copy… Just PM me.

That Texas Blood - great series.

Looking at my January pre-orders and Ive found two comics that look interesting for reading!

Ascencia - Wake Entertainment? written by the SoaD drummer, John Dolmayan. Looks like a Sci-fi story that might appeal to my loves of Dark City, Arthur C Clarke, Blade Runner. Giving #1 a shot. (https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/NOV201618)

Scout’s Honor - Scout Comics, written by David Pepose. Maybe an intellectual competitor to Undiscovered Country, which I’m about to drop from my pull because I’m bored of it, so this might be a weird thing to try… but I like the premise of both, just not the execution in UC. I really liked Tomorrow by Milligan, before the pandemic sent it to trade to finish. Giving #1 a shot I think, skeptical after UC, but if it’s more “Station Eleven” than UC, I’m game. (https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/NOV200994)


I was working on my Indie Previews Spotlight books. I think I had Ascencia in the mix… I hope to have it up soon. :slight_smile:


I’m enjoying reading: Detective Comics, which I feel is pretty spec free.

Autumnal is a slow, intriguing, horror read that has kept my attention and keeps me guessing as to what exactly is going on.

I enjoy pretty much all of the Stranger Things titles.

Also, I know this title is full of spec but I’m really enjoying Venom as a read. Regardless if spec dies or not this is a fun read for me, I look forward to it every month.

Thats all I can think of for now.


I think it was just two issues and the story is done.

Was it? Pffttt… why stop a good thing… meh…

I enjoyed Department of Truth 1. Not really a spec for me, however. Although, I would get the #2 1:25 if I could find for cheap.


Posted my Indie November Previews Spotlight books…

More potential reader books than the “it’s gonna make you money” type of books…


Awesome write-up! Thanks, poyo!

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