I Like What I'm Reading (not spec'ing, but like actually reading)!

Yeah, I really appreciate the double issue size for $5/6 depending on cover.

The story feels sorta Blade Runner meets Ready Player One.

Has anyone read Dark Ark by Cullen Bunn & Juan Doe? I’m picking up a hardcover and was wondering what people who’ve read it thought about it. Seems like a really interesting premise.

I read it and liked it at the time. I am not a huge fan of Doe’s simplistic art style on most things (I did like it on American Monster)

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Doe did a really fun Fantastic Four one-shot years ago.

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I just put up a post on my own site about how much I dug the first issue of, “Superman: Lost.” I’m a big fan of nearly anything Christopher Priest writes, however.


I read it when it first came out. Definitely a fun twist on the Noah’s ark story

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