I Like What I'm Reading (not spec'ing, but like actually reading)!

Yeah. You know I am getting it.

Just read Ruins after finding both issues in a dollar sale. Man. This is fantastic. It’s got a Department of Truth for Marvel vibe. If this was an ongoing story today, I’d grab it for sure. Such a cool, bleak take on Marvel heroes.

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There were a couple of cool one shots like that. The copy I have was the acetate cover. Like when it first came out.

I read the first issue of, “Avengers: Twilight,” and really dug it. Yes, it is another story set in a somewhat dystopian future, but Zdarsky is a great writer and Acuna is a stellar artist so it works quite well. I’m gonna make a blog post about it and put it up tomorrow with 5 out of 5 stars I’m thinking.


Avengers Twilight was actually good, as well as the Ultimate spidey. I also liked Capwolf haha

Read the latest Transformers too, it’s not bad. the story feels the same as the original origin but theres something nostalgic about the artwork.

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I Heart Skull-Crusher was a great first issue, been a while since I enjoyed a new book, great art as well.

worldtr33 …can’t say enough on this one. Really good story …the new issue 08 is taking the arc in a fascinating direction … bending horror, technology, counter intelligence, Matrix-esque … Tynion is firing on all cylinders with this one IMO

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I am enjoying it a lot.

For those that are interested, Skybound has some things on sale, and one is their 3 hardcover Oblivion Song books. List is $40 each, on sale for $10. I had read the first trade and liked it, so I got the full set (and a second set for a buddy). Kirkman is not for everyone, but I loved Walking Dead, and 8-9 issues in, I really like Oblivion Song, too. The three hardcovers include all 36 issues.


Horror/mystery anthology fans might like this one. Frison B cover each issue. Peach cover. A new SIKTC story arc. The A cover is a winner too.


I mean, the creative teams catch my eye for sure.


Hello Darkness my old friend.
Think this will be one of my rare buy & read

With how popular horror comics are, I’m surprised the big two aren’t reviving some classic 70s titles like House of Mystery or Witching Hour.

Last Mini series for those titles were either 90’s or early 2000’s and not really done well. Bring back just good old horror.

I’m liking “Get Fury” thus far. Brings me back memories of the “Born” series for Max/Punisher.

Looking forward to seeing ole Frank do his thing in future issues!

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Just read 1st issue of ‘Falling in Love on the Path to Hell’. Something about the title and cover art stuck with me when I first saw it in Previews and I’ve been looking forward to reading it since. It is a great first issue. I recommend it. It is violent, as I was expecting, but I have hope that it is setting up a good story. Looking forward to issue 2.


Lilith #1 (NSFW) is free to read here which is on the backerkit page. I like the raunchy stuff, so I’m a buyer.

I binged #1-4 of The One Hand and Six Fingers last night. You could read each mini separately, but they really are better reading together. Retiring cop vs possible copycat serial killer with Blade Runner and Dark City vibes. I was surprised how engaging it is and the world building (and deconstructing) in 8 issues between the two. Can’t wait to finish the series.


Some plugs ….

  1. Current Hulk run … the horror element makes it a fantastic read.

  2. Ain’t No Grave … first 3 issues are really good. Fantastic artwork. Western meets horror.

  3. Avengers Twilight. Surprisingly a good read.

  4. Barbaric … didn’t think I would like it but got me hooked.

  5. Falling in Love on the path to …. First issue was a good read. Samari warrior meets gunslinger cowboy in a sci-fi horror world.


I dug the first issue of, “Vengeance is for the Living,” from Floating World Press. A weird indie comic riffing on 1980’s action/revenge flicks. The second issue just came out and I picked it up. I look forward to reading it.