I Like What You Got! (8/28)


Thought I’d start a thread where people can gloat about their weekly pickups at the LCS, or vent their frustrations in futile searches for ghost comics.

This would be an alternative to posting such lists on the open forum so that they don’t bog down any ongoing random conversations there.

And for those that want to see what everyone else is picking up, a centralized place for that (so they aren’t scrolling through random topics and conversations in the open forum looking for it).

Make sense? Let’s see how it goes and maybe I’ll throw this up again next week!

So far I picked up

Absolute Carnage 2A
Batman Beyond 36B
Batman White Knight #2B
Red hood #37A
Spider-Man Life Story 6A
Thanos 4A
Venom 27A

TMNT 96A (for cover). This wasn’t there on the shelf the past few weeks. Glad I could finally track down a copy.


  • Marvel Comics 1000 D23 Variant - saw one, shop wanted $150 for it
  • Once & Future #1 2nd
    -TMNT 97B


  • Marvel Comics 1000 (any variant - not paying $10)
  • TMNT 97A (Prefer the B cover but also have a store variant coming)

Will update as the day progresses…one more LCS to hit with my pull list.

I haven’t picked up anything today but these arrived on Monday from weekend buys (I got a couple more Moon Knight related books on the way as well which haven’t arrived yet):


She-Hulk isn’t graded but I’d say it’s a definite 9.6 at minimum.

The Avengers #211 is first Moon Knight appearance in an Avengers title. :slight_smile:

What did u pay for she hulk Poyo?

My wife has the day off so she is getting the books for me. Once I get home, I’ll post what I got

I probably overpaid but pulled the trigger cause it looked good. Paid $150. It’s a book on the buy list for quite some time so I figured now since the She-Hulk streaming news is better than any other time.

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That’s a good price. I know you like your books raw, but are you going to grade that?

Nah, I’ll keep it happy and free. As for the Moon Knight books I’m getting, I’m going slabbed cause they’re for the PC and long haul as a long time Moon Knight fan.

Your SSH#1 is a newsstand too, Poyo.

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I know, that’s what made it more appealing to me. :slight_smile:

I posted elsewhere but I was really happy to have finally gotten a beautiful set of Bloodstone #1-4 (1st Elsa Bloodstone). I’ve had a heck of a time finding those.

Also got:
Moon Knight #1 (9.8 candidate)
Moon Knight #25 (very nice copy-likely 9.6)
Contests of Champions #1 1:25 variant (1st White Fox)
New Xmen Annual 2001 1st Xorn (not a pricey book but I’ve had a tough time finding it)

Grabbed most of the typical new books. Missed out on the Once and Future 2nd but I already have whined enough about that :slight_smile:

Here is what my wife picked up for me.

Absolute carnage lethal protector #1 (both A&B) x2
Red hood outlaws #37 (both A&B) x2
The house of secrets #92 (facsimile edition) x2
TMNT #97 (cover A only) ×3
Batman/Superman #1 (both A&B) x2
Batman/Superman #1 variant

She did see once and Future #1 2nd print, but the store she went to wanted $50 per cover
She also saw Marvel comics #1000 Disney variant for $100 each.
I told her to pass on all those.

How dare they charge more than cover when they weren’t incentive based! :grin:

You’ve got her trained well in the ways of the force!

My She Hulk was $5 auction way back when.

Yeah yeah… rub it in a little more why don’t ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

We need a post with pics of books that we got for $5.


I picked this up for $5 about 2-3 years ago from a collection that was priced using overstreet. Its the Acclaim comic in 9.6ish :crossed_fingers:.

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That’s a nice one! Big-time nice! Have it pressed and see if you can squeeze a 9.8 out of it! I did get a couple of these two years back…Neither a 9.6…one is pretty nice, but would be lucky if it pressed to a 9.4. Didn’t get them for $5 either. Closer to $20 each. Not complaining, with the movie coming and how hard this book is to find in any condition it is just begging to become a super sought after key!..IMO

Which at that time were the most common versions. If it was a direct edition that’s be something. Still a beautiful book.

I dont have the numbers in front of me, but yes, that market was a bit skewed at the time between NS & direct, but it still remains that any newsstand is tougher to find in high grade when compared to their direct counterparts. Issues sitting on newsstands, and people who read newsstands typically did not care for their comics in the same fashion that direct sellers and buyers did. Newsstands were also returnable making higher grades harder to find, when compared to the directs. I don’t believe there is any era that the newsstands were/are easier to find in high grade when compared to their direct counterparts.

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