I Like What You Got! (8/28)

Absolute carnage 2
Tmnt 97b x2
Planet of the nerds 5
Bad reception 1
Psycholist 1
Carnage USA 2, 3, 4, 5
Found the carnage for $0.95 each. Missing #1 but I ll settle for other four. Missed Venom 17. Bummer. So is sleepers first appearance first host 3 and the first cover is first host 4? There seams to be a couple different opinions on the matter.

Sleepers 1st appearance is Venom 165.

So is it sleepers 1st cover? I guess i am missing something as to why this issue 17 is so important. @drogio I like the idea of this topic. I if you keep doing it every week you should name it “bragging rights” . People can vote on who had the best pick up.Maybe @agentpoyo can make a badge for the weekly winner? Just a thought.

Check again!

Interesting thought!

Sleepers 1st cover, by release date, is Venom 1st Host #4. 1st Host #3 is where we first see Sleeper as we now know him. Venom #165 is Sleepers 1st unnamed cameo appearance (symbiote spawn goop type thing, but Sleeper none the less). So, in conclusion, I believe these issues to be the ‘key’ Sleeper issues, and their respective significance (and im not sure if these are even debatable).

Venom #165 - 1st unnamed Sleeper Cameo Appearance

Venom First Host #3, 1st print - 1st Full unnamed Sleeper

Venom First Host #3, 2nd print - 1st Full unnamed Sleeper & 2nd Sleeper cover

Venom First Host #4 - 1st Sleeper cover & 1st named Sleeper

The market seems to have chosen Venom: First Host #3, 2nd print, as ‘the’ book to have for the Sleeper character.

I added some links to sales on eBay for easy lookup for these books.

Also, I’m going to do a main CHU post based on this Sleeper and the books you pointed out, if you don’t mind.

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Also for those not aware, Midtown still has Venom First Host #4 available for slightly above cover.


@jcLu thank you. My confusion was 1st cover. I was reading that First host 3 2nd print was first cover but First host 4 came out before it 3 2nd was printed. So thanks a ton for clearing that up for me.

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One Mystery Solved

The first One-Page Story noone seemed to want to think was connected to the Absolute Carnage event is now clear. The guy getting off the bus

is the tourist Venom used to ride back to Spider-Man in Spectacular Spider-man 99. Now he gets a One shot AC tie in issue since he has to have a codex.

What Dow this have to do with this thread, exactly?

Wasn’t sure where to put this, but maybe I can help some collectors get some new books to add to this page. I’m having to sell some books and I listed them on the eBay. My seller name is schoobie3 but the big book I have listed is a Fantastic Four 49 CGC 3.5. If anyone is interested let me know and we can work out a deal. Thanks CHU community!

Prices look to be all over the place for that book. Looking at sales the past month they range from $317 to $450. I would think you should be able to get close to your asking price.

Depends on the page quality and what the defects are.

I would expect white pages or white-to-offwhite to get a premium…also, if there are stains, major tears or folds/creases across the cover that take away from the aesthetics more than might be a harder sell. Obviously any conservation or restoration is a big hit likely 50% of the non restored value at best.

That’s what I look for with these lower grade keys, anyway, if I’m in the market.

I picked up a nice FF49 cgc 4.0. I grabbed it when a 13% ebay bucks deal was going on…plus it was cream to offwhite pages but the cover was very presentable so I grabbed it. Love it. A key that’s still very undervalued these days IMO.

Actually, that book is nearly identical to the one I grabbed. Maybe a little more chipping along the top hence why it got a 3.5 vs. 4.0 maybe.

I would have jumped on this a few months back.


That 13% Ebay bucks was awesome! Next time they have that I might just have to pull the trigger on a 4.0 to 5.0 Werewolf by Night #32.

Chu members GOT! this (Symbiote Spider-man #3)
and now they have a reason to LIKE the One-Page Story now that they see how it ties in possibly creating spec interest in Spectacular Spider-man 99, minor interest in Symbiote Spider-man as well as the One-Shot arriving Wednesday morning.

It’s right there in the title of the thread!!!

I Like that I put the pieces together before BC posted a thread explaining the connection the 3 books have.

Hopefully YOU like beating BC to the announcement as well. That’s What brings us here instead of there.

That’s quite the stretch, especially when using just the words on the title. It was really meant for new pickups people got this past week…if you read past the title. But whatever, there are no rules other than being respectful to each other here. thanks for the notice.

That does not hold true for me, at all. I never visit BC. Literally never. BC is not a good speculation tool, imo.

Most come here instead of BC because of all the damn pop up ads they have over there…

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