I Like What You Got - Autographs

I finally obtained an autograph from the Toddfather himself! This was marketer as “The Violator Megafig comes with an autographed art print.” For me, it was “Todd McFarlane autograph comes with a Violator Megafig.” Haha, he wi look good alongside my Gunslinger Spawn figure.

Still looking to get a copy of Batman 423 signed. Maybe one day, if he does a con again.


I think those are still available at Gamestop

That’s where I got it

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Emma Stone

Angelina Jolie


Anthony Hopkins

Alan Moore


Nice Alan Moore!!!
There’s more likelihood of finding Leprechauns with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow then there is of getting Alan Moore to sign a comic as of late.

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my i cant afford the originals books


I don’t collect comic autographs but I do collect Gothic and Industrial bands autographs.

White Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie

One of my favorites Siouxsie Sioux


I wonder if the original guy who got the autograph got spat at in the eye and punched in the groin as payment for it.

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There was a time earlier on when we was still signing. But it was a short window between that and the advent of the slabbing companies. Hence, the scarcity.

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I have a Supreme in for grading with CBCS VSP that is signed by Alan Moore.
I do expect it to pass auto verification. I think it’s issued by Dynamite? I don’t even remember.
But as an autograph seeker for 35+ years; attending 5 - 10 major conventions per year, I have to say that I’ve never met Alan Moore and that Supreme is the lone signature I have from him.
Heck I have more Barry Windsor Smith autographs than Moore (and he’s on the same level of comic contempt.)

I want Alan Moore’s new signed book, but now I’m worried that he won’t actually be signing the books. Seems like he hates doing it based on what yall are saying.

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How is PGX with signatures? It doesn’t say verified or witnessed, so do they just put whatever you tell them it is? Do they do any kind of verification or witnessing? Just curious.

If there is a book being solicited that states he is signing it in the ad copy, I’d trust that. Especially, if it’s a book and not a comic. He doesn’t view his new comic works or his novels with the same disdain as he does his early comic work.

Most of his disdain for comics comes from the fact that corporations have reaped millions from his creations like Watchmen. If he still owns the copyright to the new work he’s signing, I’d wager to say he’s more open to signing that.


The only Alan Moore book I would want signed is The Killing Joke…

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No idea. Just happier with a slabbed signature.

PGX has a signature verification

This is awesome! I love Siouxsie and the Banshees. Juju is one of my favourite albums!

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Some of my collection. There’s more now


:eyes: wow awesome awesome Batman collection :exploding_head:

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