I Like What You Got! (Online Scores)

Arrived today


Solid 9.8 candidate. Below ratio, courtesy of TFAW (pre FOC).

May consider getting this signed and slabbed. A remark in red ink would be pretty sweet…maybe draw dripping blood…




i picked this cover up too, I only wish Sink made the eyes more menacing and wide eyed

great idea about the dripping blood

The new artwork with black on white just looks like a fox though… doesn’t even look like a wolf. Hmmm…


Been waiting for this to drop in price.

$40. Cheaper than if I bought a raw copy and had it pressed and graded.


My @Alana haul from both eBay and Mercari.

First is the first appearance of the Teen Titans!

Followed by the first appearance of Wonder Girl Donna Troy! This book also features the first time the team is named the Teen Titans! It has a detached cover which neither Alana nor I knew about at the time of sale, but she is making it right.

Then I picked up some Batman keys!

First is Batman 635 and the first appearance of Jason Todd as the Red Hood!

These next two books Alana tossed in for damage to the B&B 54 slab. She really is first class! The slab cracked during shipment and the book shifted up over the label. I managed to shimmy the book back into place but debris remains.

First up is a copy of TDKR 1, first printing!

The last book of the haul is a newsstand copy of Batman 359 and features the first cover appearance of Killer Croc!

Thank you again Alana!!


Cool stuff and glad to hear Alana is okay.

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More foil goodness, loving the selection of covers getting the foil treatment, extra choice.

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Thought these would have had more buzz/heat to them…


I think the Art Adams Alpha Flight held its value because not as many Cover A’s were ordered for that title compared to ASM and Avengers, so there are plenty more qualifying orders for the 1:25 for these 2.

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Nobody knows how many copies of Uncanny Avengers 3 were ordered…except for PRH

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And even PRH doesn’t know how many were actually printed since Marvel could have ordered and had others shipped elsewhere from the printers directly…

More foil goodness, Marvel’s foil has the edge over DC, pops more and just looks better.


There is a shop not far from me that doesn’t charge the inflated price on foils. They charge the printed cover price. Picked up She Hulk and Spider-Boy for $4.99. People flock to them now.


So basically they are giving them away and making no money or losing money doing so. Every other publisher doing foils has the common sense to put a price on the cover that allows for a stores normal discount. Marvel has chosen this path of ignorance where Diamond customers get no discount at all off cover, have to pay shipping freight to get them delivered and since people most likely paid using some type of card instead of cash, more fee’s taken out of what they get deposited so overall they’re selling them for less than what they pay for them. That’s why a number of stores are continuing to outright boycott the product until they fix this problem.

As you say inflated prices, every other book they sell at cover price they are getting profit on. If they aren’t more than doubling the foil cover price then at most they’re getting the same markup on those that they do on every other comic so it’s not inflated unless they’re exceeding double the cover.

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I talked to them. They said it is bringing customers in who are buying the books there, plus buying other things. So while they are losing a little on the foils, they are picking up sales in other categories.

Also, have you seen the price on Wolverine #1 Facsimile foil? Most places are charging $10.99, outrageous

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I can see this for shops that run their shops efficiently. Just like what FCBD does, it’s suppose to drive in foot traffic to the store that creates more sales across all products.


They have coupled the increased traffic with back issue sales. They have marked down back issues from different publishers each week. I loaded up on GI Joe books from IDW and Marvel over the past two weeks.

They have moved a ton of their current back issue selection allowing them to bring out more stuff.


I wish my LCS would do this…

I have know the owner 30+ years and he is constantly bitching about the 8 storage garages he is paying for every month. Yet he does nothing to cycle through his back issue bins. I even offered my help on weekends with my truck and trailer. Anything to get his back issues out into the light of day…just sitting on money he can’t spend.


There are probably a ton of books sitting back there that he could sell at a great profit pretty quickly.

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