I Like What You Got (Original Art)

I didn’t see anywhere we are posting original art pickups.

I grabbed Darth Maul Son of Dathomir #4 page 7 by Juan Frigeri:


I’ve been wanting to grab some art. Just wasnt sure where to go or actually what to grab. Btwn Bagley. Mcfarlane. Larsen and other Spiderverse artist I might be priced out lol.

This was $225 which I thought was a deal. It’s a sought after canon issue, but not a big name artists like you just listed, so attainable.

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Ive got some nice pieces, Ill share some in here from time to time. A lot of stuff has just gotten prohibitively expensive over the last 5 years.

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Picked up a couple of years ago for $60 each, original art the artist submitted to obtain more work but never utilized by the publisher. Since not actually in a comic was really affordable and very detailed. The artist Andrew Mangum has done covers for Evil Ernie and had a passion for the character. Unpublished original art is an interesting niche.


I was looking through splash page and they have some great Spidey stuff in the $200-300 range.

Some Quinones stuff. If you don’t care about caliber of name, you can get some great looking stuff for relatively low.

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I’ll check them out

Some might remember this as the bottom panel was used for the incentive cover for Marvel Comics Presents #6 2nd print.


This page features the 1st ever appearance (aka as “birth page”) of Spider-Punk (Hobart Brown).

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Immortal Iron Fist #2 Pg 2. Birth page of Wu Ao-Shi, Female Iron Fist. The bottom panel was also used as the cover for the 2nd print.


Powers of X #5 NYCC Variant. Birth page of Psylocke as Captain Britain.


Detective #1035 cover. Birth page of Mr Worth.

Here’s a one-source location for various original art

Here’s a place to show off your original art

So, I spec on comic books and channel the profits to original art. However, in the 15 or so years that I have done this, I have made about three times more money from original art than from comic books. I might not be much of a comic book speculator after all!


Finally hung my Jenny Frison OA for the Seven Secrets 4 cover. Sorry for the glare.

Her process is a little different. She does the 11x17 pencils. Then prints and does the shading before the-scanning and coloring digitally.


Just some covers I own


Some splash pages


Very cool. I saw some purely digital “original art” ring offered from digital artists and the draw didn’t make sense to me. This, however, I can get behind.

These are all absolutely nuts.


This is a coup I wish I would have known about and jumped on:


Was asking $3.5k. I passed.

Ok, a Star Wars one. Star Wars: Dark Times #17. It was marked as a prelim but the lines look no different from the published cover.

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