I Like What You Got! (Show Your Newsstand Pick-ups!)

This goes directly back to your OP. Even if there are strict guidelines that are adhered to, it’s still going to be the graders interpretation of said guidelines, thus still rendering it an opinion. At it’s roots, it is an opinion. Period. Until grading is is done with computers and scanners, it will always be a humans opinion/interpretation, regardless of any rules or guidelines.

That’s another problem I have. Seems all too often most are buying the slab and not the book. I had the same issues when it came to slabbed coins (yes, use to be more into coins back in the day), seems too many were caught up what was slapped on the label on the slab… For me, it’s buy the book, not the slab. If you like what you see, buy it but don’t buy it based on what a 3rd party was paid to say about it. That’s all I’m trying to say… and that’s why I’m an advocate of keeping them free… :slight_smile:

:100: There is a definite learning curve in that lesson.

Alright, back to Newsstands so we don’t completely hijack this thread into a slabbed vs not slabbed thread… :slight_smile:

To Slab or Not To Slab, That is the Question! :slight_smile:

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I thought of creating a different thread too…but was too lazy. Should have moved the last 20 or so posts to that new thread…

Back to Newsstands. Was able to get these tonight and lost the Captain America’s I was after.

my newsstand grail, picked it up 2 weeks back


Last nights winnings. Nothing to impressive and I’m transitioning away from these newsstands and into more firsts and other keys.

Couldn’t pass these up from a seller I’ve bought from several times and always flexible in their prices. All Newsstands and better pics when I get them.

Those covers w/ Spider-Woman are some nice Cho covers.

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I was eyeing the New Avengers 11…lowest price on eBay for a newsstand right now is $50.

Yeah before I bought those sets I was trying to see what they were selling for but not many newsstands listed let alone sold. I paid $53 including shipping for both sets. Someone was asking for 4K for one of them. There’s quite a few first appearances in those as well. I can’t wait to get them. I’ve bought from this seller repeatedly and I’m always happy. He’s got a lot of early image newsstands as well. I got almost all my Witchblades, Darkness, Fathom, Etc Newsstands from this seller.

I rarely include newsstands in my searches. Mainly because those sellers know what they have and you pay more. I’ve found 90% not labeled as newsstands on eBay and never more than cover price. I also have a lot of good luck searching lots for hidden newsstands.

You have to look harder. I just got another copy of just 11 in newsstand for $20 on eBay.

Well, I meant advertised as newsstand.

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Part of tonight’s winnings. The others aren’t newsstands.


Picked up this morning, $12 including shipping.

This morning?? It’s 8am EST!

What part of the world are you in?

Lol. I’m in New York. Honestly it’s a great time to check all my saved searches on eBay and it always pays off. Also almost all the pics I post are the sellers pictures from the listings. I just screenshot them and then they easily fit when I post here.