I Like What You Got! (Show Your Newsstand Pick-ups!)



Figured I’d start a thread for anyone who finds some cool newsie back issues (or grabs them off eBay) and wants to show them off.

Yes, Canadian price variants included!


I’m not a huge GI Joe fanatic, but I’ll grab a first appearance newsstand if I come across it in NM in the wild.

Issue 11 is the first Gung-ho, Snow Job and Wild Bill. Also so vehicles.

Issue 25 is he first Zartan

Also grabbed a Batman 423 for its iconic cover…maybe I’ll get it signed by McFarland some day…


I just got this last week looks maybe to be a 7.0 to 8.0. I also have my eye on an X Factor #6 I saw in a shop the other day.

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Just a few of my recent newsstands. I have quite a few on eBay.

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@drogio #11 is also the first “cameo” of destro, and #25 is the first dreadknoughts I believe.


I believe #25 is also a first appearance of Mutt and Junkyard!!

I sure loved those books back in the day (still do). Of everything on the stands, I just couldn’t wait for each issue. I remember riding my bike to the comic shop after collecting some lawn moving money just in the hopes there would be a new issue on the stands!!!
GI Joe from about #20 through #31 remain hands down one of my favorite runs of comics of all time.




They are known as ‘Dreadnoks’ in GI Joe. :wink:


I’d imagine someone with the name Salty would have “saltier” looking feet… as if you lived near the beach! :stuck_out_tongue:


Need to flip through #11…i think Destro’s first Full is 14, and he’s on the cover…while 11 he’s a “shadow” which really doesn’t fly much these days as a “true first” regardless of what cgc or cbcs puts on their label.


I dont wear my socks on the boat :):smile:

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Thats why I used quotation marks for cameo. I think his 1st is credited as #14, even though I think he appears in 13 as well. I think I might have to flip through some comics this evening. And yes Dreadnoks not noughts. My bad.


I had to go diggin’, but I found some of my ‘key’ newsstands, CPVs, and UK Pence variants. Ive got more buried, Im sure, but this is a quick take. The majority are 9.6 or better, imo.




These are for you, @Wheat. I just noticed your CHU image is Storm Shadow. This is my GI Joe #21 newsstand, 1st Storm Shadow. These Joe books were some of the first comics I ever bought as a kid. They are not in 9.6 or better. Lucky if they are 4.0s, lol.



Did you get your Batman #608 graded? Or did you buy it graded, @ToddW?

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Definitely not a “cameo” in 11. Destro has 15+ panels of dialogue and is obviously part of the story…they just don’t show his face!

So the question is…do you need to see the characters face in order for it to be a “first” appearance? Or named?


Thats a good one, @drogio. Imo, unnamed + no face = cameo…but thats a good one to debate. :thinking:


I don’t think it can be called a cameo. Cameos are brief/minor appearances by definition. This is not brief and is a major part of the story.

On the other hand it’s not a first full… because you don’t see the full character head to toe!

I think it’s just a first appearance, face not revealed.


im still picking up newsstand copies of batman beyond 1st apps from the 1st and 2nd series in 1999. some of them have incredibly low print runs like issue 5 of 2nd series 1st shriek, print run 17k. that year newsstands copies were 5% of run so thats 850-900 copies of that 1st app in newsstand


I bought Batman 608 online through eBay.

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