I Like What You Got! (Show Your Newsstand Pick-ups!)


On the topic of GI Joe…thought you all would appreciate this. As I said, I loved the book as a youth. I come from a line of Marines & ultimately seved in the Corps as well. As such, Gung-Ho was my favorite!.
Larry Hama drew this for me after we talked about our military time. One of my fav pieces!

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Comic book cameo definition and real word cameo definition certainly, imo, are two wholly different things. While I understand that 15 pages, dialogue and being a key part of the story is not typically a comic book cameo, the fact that he goes without a name or a face would classify, to me, as a comic book cameo, aka not a ‘1st full’. Without a name or face, I cannot jump on board with that being a ‘1st full’.


Thats probably stretching “cameo” to its breaking point. But I have to agree , no name no face hard to say first full. I will have to check #13 later to see what his “2nd cameo” consists of.


Agreed. But this Destro 1st that you and @drogio brought to our attention, is one for the ages. A real beaut as far as what is what, re: his ‘1st full’.


A few more recent Newsstands. I’m really focusing on post 2000 high grades.


Here are recent to fairly recent UPC pick ups. For the First Spider-man 2099 I would only look to High grade Newsstand or Variants such as Canadian or Mark Jewelers (if they have them). Tons regular prints made so if he ever becomes a big thing the “variants” will be the ones that move first.


Gi Joe, Transformers, Conan and Robotech were the first comics I collected monthly. When I was around 13 I tried to but together an entire set of GI JOE. No internet and San Diego Comic Con was only once a year so outside of the local shops I was out of luck if they didn’t have an issue in stock. I don’t have to remind anyone who was around back then how insanely popular GI Joe was in the mid late 80’s! By 1986 or so not being able to come across the first twenty five issues is an understatement .At least in my area! It was definitely a waiting game. It took close to a year before an issue 21 was available at on of the four local shops. I think it was $20, maybe $25. That was a lot of money for a 14 year old kid back then. The owner gave me a month to pay it off. Still have it. Such a great issue! A classic for the ages!



Some classic Joker covers there! Nice!



Thanks for giving me a reason to look through some of my books. I seem to have alot of newsstands but i only picked the ones that i think are keys.


This arrived today (eBay purchase). Was excited until I turned it around and saw that cgc has damaged the book when encapsulating (corner fold). There are too many other blemishes for this book to have such a corner fold an be a 9.6.

It’s the 4th 9.6 cgc book in a row I’ve bought online that I’ve been very disappointed in the actual condition of the book inside the slab. They’ve really let their grading standards slide in the past year or so, IMO.


Wow, that is pretty careless of them. Probably should contact them and let them know. You might get a free press and re-grade out of it.

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Free press or grading… I’d be asking them to give me my 9.6 comic or better…

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I have a question. What if it doesn’t say “direct sales” or “newsstand”? Looking through some of my collection I ran across a few that don’t have either one. I tried to attach a picture, but I can not get it small enough.


Take a ‘screenshot’ of your photo, with your phone. You should be able to upload the ‘screenshot’.


I did that. I even downloaded the app poyo suggested and neither are working.it is still coming out as 1.4mb. Do the newsstand ones say “newsstand” on them?


I send mine to my wife in a message then save the message photos…she hates when i do it::joy:


I think it depends on the book/era. I believe most do not. It’s typically the upc box that is different in some way, not necessarily stating outright if it is one or the other.


When you resize, you have to change the quality as well.

If you were using this one at https://resizeimage.net/

When you scroll down, you should see section 7 on quality:

Click the Normal compression and change it to 60% or so. That should make that 1.4MB file probably like 100-150k in size without actually losing too much quality, at least from what your eyes can tell.

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