I Like What You Got! (Show Your Newsstand Pick-ups!)

I own this book. I found at half price for like 50 cents I think. I think it’s a nice 9.6 grade too…

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Wait, I accidentally lied. My copy is direct. 20 lashes for me!


Think this makes three graded 9.2’s.


What about 656 and 657? Got any of those in newsy?

Yes, multiple raw copies of each and some graded as well. I don’t think I have a 657 graded newsstand though.

I was looking at this one a couple of weeks ago for potential crack and regrade. Good candidate.

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I’ve been grabbing 657 out of bins when I see it under $10.

I have the other two graded, but no newsstands. :frowning:

Had my eye on a CBCS 9.8 for a while (direct) for under &100. That’s gone now.

Many 657s flying off eBay today…(58 so far?)

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