I Like What You Got (Star Wars Finds)


Post any cool Star Wars stuff you find out wondering in the wild, online or whatever that doesn’t quite fit any other categories…!

(There should be a Star Wars category…)

Heres something I found today. Don’t know much about Steve Niles, but the book sells more raw than what I paid…and who doesn’t love a silver signature?!

image image

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Hey, did you see that the book above was witnessed by you favorite shop in the world?

Can’t be my favorite shop when I don’t shop there… :wink:

Nice… I’m gonna love this thread. I just picked this up. About as holy grail “ish” as it gets with regards to the regular production vintage line.
Like all collectibles, this damned thing is going through the stratosphere.
It was a get it now or never situation similar to some comics. Pretty happy to have it.

My LCS is having 50% off back issues and graphic novels through all of April (Black Cat if you guys live in Utah).

Things got out of hand in the Star Wars section today. It helped Greg moved them out from behind that metal beam (obstructed view seats).

Clone Wars 7 is Commander Wolffe cameo.

Then I filled in my Star Wars 1977 run except for 2 issues. I didn’t grab a photo of it before incorporating it into my run.


Here’s an interesting one. I spotted this Clone wars #1 library edition hardcover on Books-a-Millions website back in January for $27. So I bought it, taking a chance as others we’re going to for $50 or more on eBay.

I kept getting emails saying it was in back order, or they couldn’t find it but they were still looking…I forgot about it and after a while bought a copy on eBay.

Well, today this arrives.

Well, the first thing I notice is that it’s “shiny”, unlike the other copy I have that is “textured.

And from what I can tell they are exactly the same book. Same sku, same printing…same publication date…everything is identical save the cover texture.

Weird. A variant library copy?

Anyone else seen this high gloss cover out there?

Edit: looking at some eBay listings I now see a few glossy covers. Most seem to be the textured. Maybe 2/3 to 3/4 of them.

Maybe CBE tried to burn and destroy it but the force prevented them… The Force is Strong with this one!


Very interesting. I’d take a glossy one personally.

No spec, just a fun Star Wars item. No groundbreaking recipes inside, but it did come with cookie cutters in the shape of Darth Vader, Yoda and R2-D2. My son is looking forward to making Yoda cookies.


Hav you seen the ice cube makes in the form of Han in carbonate?

Hahaha. I love those. Kotobukiya advertised some the other day that were like $50 and I was like “hold on a tick, haven’t factories in China been producing these for years?! Sure enough, rock bottom prices on Amazon.

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Yes, I have some. We’ve used them to make gummies as well… (and no, not the adult gummies, kid gummies).

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When this Covid is all over and I can finally have people over in my back yard we will serve nothing but Han carbonate ice. I’ll be stockpiling ice for a week.

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One of these is headed to @CRUZZER


@CRUZZER said you can just send to me… I swear… :wink:

Sounds legit.

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my recent scores

Star Wars Tales TPB Volumes 1-6

I’ve been slowly going towards collected works. I think I paid $70 some where around there.

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Got these several weeks ago digging in the boxes… all crisp too

I was planning on buying a TPB version then selling these off…
Marked price was $31? I got them all for $25

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