I Like What You Got-Toys

A couple new items for my collection.
The Disney movie “The Black Hole” has always gotten a bad wrap imo. It’s certainly no Star Wars, but nine year old me enjoyed it at the time & I still do.
V.I.N.C.E.N.T was a fun character. Not the easiest toy to find in nice, complete shape. P.S Old B.O.B is really rare so if you ever see him or the Black Sentry guard be sure to grab them.

Also a big fan of the Vader’s Star Destroyer. Very tough to find one nice and compete. This one was great and I only needed to add a couple easy to find parts. It’s a good example of a toy that was created simply to force some imaginative play (while making Kenner money).


I also loved the black hole as a child. Bob and Vincent were favs.

I think they have funk pops of one or both too.

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Remains one of the, if not “the” coolest figures Hasbro has ever made. I did have a couple from the original release that are pretty expensive, but I’m so glad the re-released them. A perfect army building figure.

I got this from The Disney shop. Hoping Hasbo shop makes good on the others I ordered.


I passed on the retro Mandalorian Boba Fett and Armorer, but not these. Found today at Target.


1st figure for Fennec and Death Watch ?

Depends on if size matters to you.

I’m pretty sure for the 3.75” line they are first release.

Both have black series 6” figures too, which look to be in the hands of the public. Death Watch came our months ago. But he yet to see Fennec Black series…might have to grab it if I see one.

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Come on! I made a thread specifically for this stuff!

90s animated Wolverine came in. Really love the figure and the head sculpt is especially awesome. I have the recent Classic wolverine from the apocalypse wave and both heads can be swapped. I’m gonna have to apply heat and then cool off the claws tho since they’re attached to the hands and a bit loose


Found at Walmart. The also had the Armorer, Ashoka and Bo Katan retro figures. But packaging either damaged or wasn’t impressed.


I fee like 3/4 of the toys I see at Walmart are damaged.

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Wal-Mart is damaged…

The last time I was in a Wal-Mart, it was a brand new one, just opened several months prior. I swear the inside looked like it was already 20 years old and the parking lot was already trashed up… F Wal-Mart, they suck!

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Went to a small local show here in Rhode Island. Was free attendance and a bunch of vendors setting up tables selling collectibles. Show was honestly a massive disappointment. Majority of sellers were selling funko pops and pokemon cards stuff I’m not into. Everything was way over priced 2-3x ebay prices. Only 2 sellers sold any comics. 1 guy had a small lot of 12 issues and none of his stuff was priced so I asked about the comics and the guy told me to check on ebay and make him an offer . I moved on and only got this spawn figure for $20. Was in the box but I took it out but yeah the show was terrible and I was there maybe half an hour

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Forgot about it. Glad I didn’t go.

I’ll never understand why people price 2x eBay…you just showing off your collection or you want to sell Something?

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