I will miss the arguments on this

Remember how many years I’ve had to argue this throughout the different comic sites and now people believe me that ASM#252 came out first and will always be FIRST black suit Spidey. (and 1st Venom in some people’s opinions more so with all the Cates retcon, and Symbiote Spider-Man series that come out.) I saw ASM #252 on the racks the day they came out there was never any doubt in my mind.

It’s a Tie!

But the tie-breaker is Black Suit Spidey is on the cover of MTU141 (not 41).

Looks a lot like Crap Collector screen shot…but I won’t hold that against you…this time…


And what was the argument? ASM252 is a first? Who would argue that it wasn’t? Or PPSSM90 was 2nd?

People would say all 3 came out on the same day so they are all 1st appearance of Black Suit Spidey some sites put these imposter 1st Black Suit Spidey books on their hot lists for weeks when they came up with this BS as tied for 1st appearance Black Suit Spidey.

I have PPSSM #90. I actually just read it again the other day coincidentally. Didn’t piece it together till you mentioned it.

Crap collector app doesn’t count as evidence of anything but a sales pitch.

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