I'm big on this Venom book

With all the Venom/Knull hype & increasing attention to later printings, I still am most fond of this particular issue. For the most part, it was sort of forgotten. You won’t find it cheap on ebay as there just weren’t many to begin with but I’ve found them easily & cheaply available elsewhere.
The things I love about this issue are more to do with its importance vs a “spec guess” per se.

  1. This scene is absolutely integral to the entire story. If Dylan does become a mainstay…it all comes back to this. It’s actually heartbreaking when it comes down to it. Even more so knowing Anne takes her own life shortly after.
  2. This image/art is absolutely incredible! That detail!
  3. I know the whole “baby as a first” argument is real, but this is the first non store exclusive Marvel cover of Dylan. (The other being the Tan #10 variant)
    Anyway…just a random thought as we try to keep ahead of the curve.

All sold out at Diamond. Wonder if those you know who retailers bought them all up and plan to pump and dump them at their “hot new book” prices… :wink:

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I don’t mind sharing…I bought the ones I have at Mile High & they still have. Also, cheap at Amazon.
Milehigh has the “Summer!” 40% still.
Not cover price but I’m fine with under $10.

Thanks for the tip! Just ordered one.

I’ve been looking for the 19 2nd as well but that’s been a tough find at a reasonable price.

OMG…are people just insane right now? Even venom 25 cover A is blowing up!

I bought like 4 or 5 of these several months ago…time to list a few…

Update: Crap! Only bought 3.

But there is better than none! One of them has blunt force trauma at the corner (thanks to TFAW’s flimpsy mailer…)


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Cates is fire right now. Don’t tell Alana. Ha.

The Knull hype is just spilling over to all new characters from this run. Virus, unnamed character, Dylan, later prints, anything Knull…

I got this in a Walmart milti-pack. I don’t think “Punisher” Venom has any spec, but I like it for the PC.

That’s Agent Venom

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I need the #9 second print still for some reason. I was really all over the place with this run. Some issues I bought everything and every reprint…others, just one or two of the main. Of course I neglected to buy the 3rd print of #3, but at least bought 3 of the main and one of the second.

For most of these I relied on my shop back then as I wasn’t doing much with online preorders when I first got back into collecting.

That Tan #10 should be the winner

Also the #9 Tan Virgin is the rarest of all #9 covers and you can get it for cheap

Where at?

Hey @D-Rog I bought your blunt force trauma book now send me some free stuff :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Does the Tan 10 have a virgin cover? Can’t seem to find one.

Tan is first Dylan cover…had a chance to buy a slew of them when unknown was doing a BOGO and also had the price discounted to $8…I think I could have got them for cover.

But opted for 7s, 9s and 19 2nd print. It’s just not that special a book…but being store variants and first covers are all the rage, I’m sure someone will buy them out then start pumping it…

Interesting…it was $12.50 a day or so ago? Now $30. Hmmm…

Really, that was you? Hope you have a good presser/cleaner. Has good potential. I got it from TFAW that way…I was going to buy more from them but was so pissed when the package arrived with the corner dented in I didn’t bother…

You never did tell me if Captain Marvel 8 3rd print made it to you ok.

I’ll see what I can do about some free stuff! I was thinking of offering a give-away CHU since it’s been so long since we’ve had a give-away…

Just take the iron too in I’m sure it will still grade 10.0

Captain Marvel arrived in great condition no complaints. I was looking at this one Venom 19 2nd print for a couple days and the price got crazy so.

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Remember when this “venom face” variant for 19 was announced…right when there was a huge number of celebrities being exposed for black facing…?

Yeah…not a good cover art choice…