I'm so disappointed

I closed the sale of a Teen Titans Go! #23 last Sunday. It sold for $360.
I thought for sure it would be noticed by coverprice.com.

Alas, it slipped past them.

Oh well, I missed my 15 minutes of fame… :wink:


Remember, the Covrprice lists are last weeks… might make it to the next list if the book still stays on the list.

Woo hoo! There’s hope for me yet! lol

I didn’t know the lists were a week behind. Thanks for the tip!

I will make sure you make it on there. Was it a raw copy

Awesome! Thanks!

Yes, it was a raw copy.



HAHA! Splendid!

I had the 1st Bee and Puppycar #9 up for auction a couple weeks ago. Sold for $255 and buyer didn’t pay! Or even communicate! Last week Sunfire and Big Hero 6 #1 bid up to $66. Buyer not paid, and no response!! So Sick and disappointed in people bidding with no intention of paying, and not to mention screwing over all the other bidders in those auctions!

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This is why I abandoned auctions and best offers on higher priced items. Instant payment. My price.

Once in a while someone does reach out time with a reasonable “could you do $x” I’ll bite. That’s rare I get such requests.


Yup - 1 out of 25/30 for me at last count don’t pay.
It remains secondary, though, to the “I want a return” for the myriad of silly reasons that are actually just buyers remorse.

Huh I was wondering why that Bee and puppycat auction I watched said it got relisted


Ebay doesn’t support sellers the way I believe it should. I’ve had several discussions with their customer service people about buyers claiming they didn’t receive the item they purchased and opened a dispute to get a refund. When the item arrives after the refund is issued, ebay says, there’s nothing we can do. Try to work it out. I’ve told them several times the sellers are their customers and the buyers are my customers. They wave that off by saying they want buyers to have a positive experience.

On a rare positive note, a buyer who did open an item not received dispute did pay me after his item arrived. First time out of several.

Finally, the guy who bought my Teen Titans Go! 23 paid immediately, I was holding my breath last week for the reason Bill mentioned above… buyer’s remorse. When the positive feedback landed on my feedback page, I took a big sigh of relief.


I am hearing of more and more sellers refusing to put their A-list material on eBay for just that reason. It makes me wonder if eBay will become the “garage seller” of choice in the future.

Once a viable alternative appears, there will be lots of sellers jumping ship. I guess I should say “if” a viable alternative appears.

Until then, eBay kind of rules the roost so to speak.

I personally plan on exploring Mercari to see if it can provide some added value to a sales platform.

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I have been selling the hell out of ratios and hot comics on Mercari


I’ve only bought off Mercari and I don’t care for it. This is how my searches come up. No way to change it and I prefer a title on the listing which Mercari doesn’t provide when you search.

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On Mercari people add the names of hot books/characters so the listings show up. Mercari is fantastic if you change the wording in searches lose the numbers etc. Its a little tricky to navigate especially from sellers that just post the books with improper titles. I love it. Bought a few key/big books for cheap and in great condition. it’s starting to get infused with Key Collector sellers and speculators. So if a book is on that app the cheap copies get bought or old listings get price updates.

One of my issues is that they don’t show any titles in the search results as I had shown above in the pic. I still use them but they have a long way to go before being comparable to eBay. This is how eBay searches pop up and it can be changed around to make the results bigger and smaller. Notice the titles in the search results? Mercari doesn’t show the titles and that view can’t be switched or made bigger or smaller like eBay. That’s just one example.

Don’t even get me started on their categories. They could’ve just copied eBay exactly and they’d be further ahead now with a much better app and site.

I understand the title thing… it doesnt bother me because I click on the listing anyway. Never paid attention to the titles much on ebay being as how the image and description is more what I look at. But I got u.

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See, normally if I’m looking for newsstands I don’t even look at the title. I’m looking at the barcodes and can spot it at 100 yards. Jk. I think if they focus on improving the app and site they could give eBay competition.

In a recent eBay update they started cropping the search results pics. I hated them for it because it made searching out newsstands even harder because you have to click on it to get the full pic. Depending on how they crop it and the location of the barcode.

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