Immortal Hulk #43

So CBR ran a story this morning about anti-Semitic imagery in Immortal Hulk #43 and then Key Collector ran with it saying it was being recalled. Anyway, it’s a $30 book now. There is one seller selling the homage cover for $3.99 so this could be a grab and flip.

I am not making comment on the content or reason behind it just what happened.

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… so now it is anti-semitic if a Jewish person is a business owner? Or just if they happen to run a jewelry store? What businesses or profession are Jewish people allowed to have in the eyes of the politically correct?


Looks to me like it says “JEVER”

anybody buying this for $30 is an idiot…


Are they recalling it? The superman with the beer goes for good money.

Not buying but I am selling.

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So Joe Bennett is from Brazil and speaks Portuguese. He said that it was a tribute to David Cronenberg. He misspelled the name and the word jewelry because he doesn’t speak English and he was writing it backwards. The Star of David is the sticking point for some because of the stereotype it is said to portray.

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I feel like we should just start telling people it is anti-semitic to assume something is anti-semitic without asking Semites their take first.

if it wasnt for the star i could buy the excuse.

What’s wrong with the Star of David? Is it because it was used by the nazis to identify Jewish people?

I’ve seen some takes that if Bennett had never said questionable stuff before they could buy this. He apparently has a bit of a background making questionable statements. I kinda buy the excuse of the misspelling. The star of David is kinda a stereotype–“Jews must own this jewelry store.” I’m not really offended (I’m Jewish, but pretty bad about practicing religion in any form), just a little annoyed that the editors didn’t think about this or catch how it could look bad and address it with Bennett before it was published and became a thing. I don’t think this is recalled so much as future printings will have it fixed. I can’t believe it is worth $30 tho.


Yea this is what editors are for. It has the Star of David and it says Jewery above it. I am not saying he is guilty of antisemitism but come on, man.


I understand the stereotype… Nothing about that panel struck me as the proprietor of the store being greedy. Simply running a business doesn’t make one greedy. Infact $1,300 for a diamond necklace doesn’t sound like a terrible price depending on the carats and quality.

After others have pointed out the misspelling on the window I can now see it, however I never noticed it prior.

Does anyone know the print run on this?

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Also it apparently reads ‘Jewery’ instead of Jewellery’

Kind of feel sorry for the artist it seems like a genuine mistake

Edit - if anyone already mentioned this above I’m sorry I didn’t read it my phone keeps jumping pages on this thread for some reason

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The issue has not been recalled…