In Honor of the King: Show Off Your Kirbys!

Hi guys n gals,

I was very happy when I went to my MAIN LCS today and scavenged through their back issue section to find some nice Kirby books!

It isn’t much but it’s a start of what will for sure be a growing collection of Kirby books!

I’d LOVE to see what the rest of you folks have in your PC!


I’ve always loved Kirby’s Action style covers. Not many artist do that these days.


I love action over the pose covers as well… even if it’s an action pose, way better than when it looks like they’re standing for their Olan Mills photoshoot at the local Sears…


I’m probably jinxing myself, but I just won this at auction for what I feel is a decent price. The best part is I used proceeds from eBay sales to pay for it, so it’s not “money out of my pocket” so to speak.

Another CLASSIC Kirby masterpiece!


Wasn’t sure if I should post this in online scores or my Kirby thread. Obviously, I chose the latter.

Not the World’s Finest condition, but for $25 I can’t complain!

Mister Miracle #1, first appearance of Oberon and… Mister Miracle.


Another book crossed off the list! Used proceeds from recent sales to pay for this guy.


I only have 3 Kirby books left as I’ve sold off the bulk of what I have. They are:
Jimmy Olsen 137 - 1st app. 4-Armed Terror.
Nothing special or spec worthy, just loved the interior art of the character.

Next is Fantastic Four 45 a 1st app. Inhumans.
Beater copy, but it was the first “big” book I bought myself (big meaning more than $50. I was so innocent back then haha), so it has a lasting place in my collection.

Last is Journey Into Mystery 84 - 2nd app. Thor
Coverless and beaten, but I am a big Thor fan and this is as close to a Journey Into Mystery 83 I’ll ever get, so it stays with me as well.


Can’t recall if I shared these…among the very favorite items in my entire collection. Incredible combination of Kirby art mixed with the nostalgia of a toy line I loved as a kiddo.
These are pretty darned rare sealed like this as well.


@TheRedCollar those are some amazing books regardless of condition! Especially that JITM 84!

@Devildog talk about a unique item! I had forgotten that Kirby did some toy box art. That’s super cool!

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Snagged another one as part of a three book lot! I love me some DC Kirby work!

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I couldn’t pass this one up today at the LCS.