Infinite Frontier

Featuring work by creators including Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns, Becky Cloonan, James Tynion IV, Joelle Jones, Alitha Martinez, John Romita Jr. and many more

A who’s who of who is left at DC.

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It makes sense because there won’t be any water in the future.


Well, they should “Poochie” him and Mera back to her home world (the origin story prior to the Xebel retcon) and start telling stories from there then. Abnett once said in an interview that he thought of Aquaman as a sort of cosmic book because of its otherworldly nature, so uh, just go whole hog and make it one, yo.

It was an amazing, incredible finale! Also for those who have yet to watch it, there is a post credit scene you just cannot miss!!

Bro, this isnt the Mandalorian thread…

We’re doing a Teen Titans Academy preview in there with Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval, that’s going to tease the new character Red X.

Great grandpa of Red XIII is a DC character. This is all I need to make my brain convince me that Sephiroth is now part of the DC universe, and by extension so is every character in Smash Bros.

Cameo of some of the Teen Titans Academy kids in Infinite Frontier #0. And a possible clue as to Red X is.
Also, 1st appearance of Simon Saint & the new look for Scarecrow.

Infinite Frontier #1 comes out in July.

And, oh yea, Darkseid kills Spectre, Phantom Stranger and a bunch of gods…

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I think the Titans Academy kids already made a cameo in Future State Teen Titans #1 though.


I think you’re right…

These two panels at least:

Looks like the class from the Titans Academy cover:

Then Summer at least is named on this headstone, but she first appeared in Teen Titans Endless Winter Special:

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Still a cameo. Man, they have multiple cameos, in multiple books…

And dont waste your money paying extra for cover B. That’s just Diana Prince, Wonder Woman. Not a new character.

Yeah, this whole Future State event is basically a huge jump forward referencing back to stuff that hasn’t been published yet in Infinite Frontier. It gives me a bit of whiplash until I just accept I’m not going to get all the references they are dropping until months from now…provided I’m patient enough to still be paying attention then.

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DC are the Masters of ruining any spec on any of their comics. They ruined Future state spec with the free issue, and cameos in DM7. They ruined teen Titans academy by having the cameo in future state teen Titans. Infinite frontier is just the prequel to future state. I’m waiting for Flatline spec on Robin #1 to be ruined now.

Reminds me a bit of, “Westworld,” and how it jumped around in time a lot.

ComicsPro variant

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I like it!

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Issue #1 FOC is TOMORROW.

1st appearance of X-Tract.