Interesting Sales

Just a thread to post any interesting sales you see in your journeys.

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I like this. Weird or notable stuff. Or things priced absurdly high or low!

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Wondering if its a “legit” 9.8 Jewelers…

I’ve noticed a lot of Jeweler “highs” posted on KCC, despite many of them being called out by number in slab gate.

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They’re very rare.
Only 350 copies swapped in the entire world


Expect this book to show up on some lists this week. Can’t call it a “hot” book as one doesn’t come up for sale in high grade very often. Other than this 9.6, there are 3x 9.2s and a 9.0.

These UK series of books are nearly impossible to find in 9.8. The quality of paper, including the cover, is basically newsprint …so it folds over very easily or tears. Plus it
Was common for kids to write their names on the front or back covers. They are magazine size, so many were not bagged and boarded, but just thrown into stacks with other magazines.

Compare this to the Canadian price variant for issue -#1 (Marvel US) which has 27 cgc 9.8s in the census.

Interestingly enough, of the 17 on the CGC census, 11 are signature series.

I was going to bid on it, but (as expected) when much higher than I could afford. I have what I think could grade a 9.0-9.2 anyway. I just haven’t sent it in for a press and grade yet.


For a book that doesn’t come to market that often, it’s bad 4 sales this year so far.

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