Into the Spider-Verse 2 Book speculation

Ok so far we’ve had Spider-Man #365 heat up with the first appearance of Spider-Man 2099 now something that has probably flown under the radar for a lot of people is Spectacular Spider-Man #97 & a few #98’s this book has been selling like hot cakes at a cheap buy in price the past week or so because there has been rumours that the Spiderverse 2 villain will be ‘The spot’ this isn’t confirmed but it’s looking very likely

If there’s any other books you think will be spec worthy and you feel like sharing some thoughts on let us know or are you just one of them ones that want all the glory for yourself like Neil on the moon


Marvel Manga verse Spider-Man, from the short lived manga verse of marvel where a lot of characters had anime inspired makeovers. Most of them weren’t great but one that stood out was Manga Verse spider-man who belonged to a clan of ninjas, he’s surprisingly been used a lot in the games like Spider-Man shattered dimensions, spider-man unlimited, and the most recent spider-man game on ps4. Its a really cheap book so not a huge gamble


Villains are typically very short term spec. Best to go for the heroes.

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 3) 9 has several first appearances, but most are a cameo/part of a collage on a large screen in the background. It’s also the 2nd appearance of Spider-Gwen.

Next issue (#10) is 1st Spider-Punk. Not sure this is confirmed, maybe just rumored for ITSV2.

Same run, issue #12 is the first full Japanese Spider-Man/Leopardon, which is confirmed to be in the movie. Not sure why this hasn’t popped yet. Once we see some footage I’m sure they’ll start moving.

All these have 1:10 and other variants, so keep an eye out.

I particularly like issue 9 Pasqual Ferry variant (a store exclusive of which will the shop I refuse to name). Not so much for the spider-verse 2 spec, but Spider-Women as I believe it’s their first appearance together (Gwen, Cindy and Jessica). In addition to 2nd Spider-Gwen and first cover (beats out Spider-Women Alpha #1).


That Mangaverse Spider is definitely a contender and the same with Spiderpunk! I’m pretty sure they have a spiderpunk outfit in the PS4 game right? I wouldn’t be surprised if we see spirit spider come up either because he was in the game and he’s starting to be introduced into more books
Spirit spiders first appearance was ‘Incredible Hulks Annual #1

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Incredible Hulks Annual #1 has become a bit of a ghost. Those who are selling it are asking over $100.


@rob92807 Thankful to you all here on that book (Hulks Annual). I wasn’t remotely aware of it.
Found one at my LCS for $4.50.
Not in perfect shape but was bagged/boarded and isn’t horrible either. Just happy to have it.
Another Kudos to you all!


I had a hand in that I believe. I put up a lounge post a while ago in reference to the Ghost Spider Store Exclusive that is coming out. The book only had 8 copies on eBay at the time and it got wiped out. Copies everywhere got wiped out afterwards. Needless to say the price point of each subsequent issue that sold went higher and higher.


Yeah, I read that…and picked up one of those eight copies… Since I collect Hulk and Spider-man comics I figured might as well get it now in case it blows up.

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If it gets big enough it might be worth a press.

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My LCS find today.


the best way to do it!

Hey now! I only bought 3 copies. A newsstand copy off eBay and 2 directs off of Mercari.



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Jessica Drew…Spider-Woman


I am locked and loaded on Jessica Drew so hopefully this Will cause a nice bump in prices.

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HYPE for this.

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