Investment for DC Villian

Reaching out to see which would be a better long term investment for villainy.

1st Ra Al Ghoul (Batman 232 CGC 8.0)
1st Cameo Darkseid (Jimmy Olsen 144 CGC 9.0)
1st Full DarkSeid (Forever People 1 CGC 9.2)

Or maybe 1st Talia

Any other recommendations would be appreciated.

Reverse Flash, Grodd, Manbat, Silver Age Catwoman, Black Manta, Sinestro


Can’t go wrong with Batman 232

I can see Reverse Flash being a long term invest, but Grodd, Manbat?

Can’t really see a long term storyline for them.

Would you go for mid to low grade vs high grade bronze? I think Flash has kind of spiked with Flashpoint, so can’t really get a 7.0 for Flash 139 for less than 1K.

But with Batman 232, Ra Al Ghoul hard to have him in a long term story guy. Always get the feeling he will turned out to be next “Dr. Evil” bunch of monologuing not enough bad azz. Book is climbing due to Neal Adam run.

Wish I bought this book earlier, book went up quite a bit… =(

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Grodd is my favorite DC villain much more than just a gorilla and if there’s more than one Flash movie I’m sure we will see him. Black Manta is still around so I’m sure he will return at some point, Manbat already has a movie appearance and DC may want to try and copy a Morbius movie so it could happen, Sinestro suppose to be in Green Lanterns on HBO. Also after this coming Batman movie I’m sure Catwoman will get a bump.

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Thanks for the head up, didnt know Manbat got a movie. The surest thing is Reverse Flash but it getting $$$. Maybe I’ll look for Catwoman.