Invincible Amazon

First 3 episodes are out on Amazon Prime, anyone watch it yet?

Just finished watching it. Never got into the comic so seeing it blind was good. So many twists man… I like it. The only annoying part SPOILER: was when they would talk and then the supid Invinsible Logo would appear. I mean come on they should show that at the beginning. Literally someone would be talking and then the Logo would appear. “I’m going to the bathroom and take a” BLAM!!! INVINSIBLE BY ROBERT BLA BLA BLA. That was the most annoying thing. Other then that. I liked it. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Note: They need better anime editors cuz some parts where hard to see. Specially the flying scenes.

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I intend to tune in sometime sooner than later!

Kirkman just like his good buddy McFarlane must ensure how awesome they are by reminding the world they created what you are reading or watching… It’s like Tyler Perry who must put his effing name in every movie title he does, I’d probably watch some of his movies if he left his damn name out of the title…

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