Iron Cat - Who's In The Suit?

Any guesses for Iron Cat 1?

Tosin the next Miles

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Don’t care. Could be Howard the Duck or Jenna Jameson


A younger version of Jameson would be fine by me.


a black cat
b hellcat
c tigra
d tosin
e who really cares it will be dead title in a week
f mesphsito
g brother voodo
h the kale witch
i a tuskien raider jedi

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If people cared when the suit first appeared, wouldn’t it stand to reason people would care if someone new is in the suit and stays that way?

but no one cared when it first came out

great now show 2020 sales , they only reason there is a spike is probably someone pumped it 2 years later with a mini series coming out

Selina Kyle?

Oops, wrong Universe :wink:

Erica Slaughter

I thought it was confirmed to be odessa drake?

I don’t know if it was confirmed, but she seems like the most likely candidate. She was after Felicia in her series.

It’s actually Tamara Blake. I saw the pages this morning.


So Spetacular Spider-Man Annual #4 is the book you want, still plenty for a couple bucks.


Of course. She’s only had 2 comic appearances…

That’s one more than the Next Miles when he got hot, and one more than Arthur Harrow!

Spec Gold!



And they’re off…!


Well, the past two days have shown over thirty sales of Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #4 on Ebay alone. Still cheap ones out there. Probably time I pick up one or two just to be on the safe side. Cheap, low risk right now. Why not?

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Strange. Lots of iron cat 1 sold yesterday. I think it already went to a 2nd print.

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