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Another one of those early warnings. I am hearing rumors that Ironheart #9 will be the first appearance of a new, disabled hero that will be getting media attention coming up. The book is out Wednesday. Spoilers to follow tomorrow.


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It is almost unbelievable that In Living Color got away with the Handiman sketch. The good ol’ days before PC, I suppose.


Yep but I think we can kill Bald Eagles now due to the changes in the Endangered Species Act it’s not always progress in the future.


I was going to post that meme! Then thought it might offend someone. Some things that were fly back in the 90s ain’t so much these days, know what ah’m sayin’?


You guys better not give yourself, and the world, 4 more years with that lifelong grifter.

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Off topic, but which one is Riri’s first appearance/worth more? Invincible IM 7, or 9?


Invincible IM 7 is the more valuable of the two.


@Alana and @jcLu

Bald Eagles are protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Act.


Watch out for later printings, or at least know you’re buying them. They’ll have a different trade dress font color and note the printing on the cover. 3rd actually has a Riri in a bubble/circle near the lower right.


@agentpoyo, Not for long, if this administration* stays in office for much longer. :thinking:


I guess they knew long ago his possible plans…

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Trump is the best. I cannot wait for four more years.


Oh but it is going to happen. I love it.


You love killing Bald Eagles, anon? That is an odd thing to boast about on a comic site. Very telling. :thinking:


I dont have the book but i had read a post in another thread that said the new character might have already appeared in new warriors #2. Can anyone with the book confirm this?


It appears that way. It could be a new person under the mask but it appears she appeared in the 90’s New Warrior series.


Looks like i have another book to look for in the cheap bins. Happy days!


Trump is going to happen. It so obvious Canadian’s are descended from the French.


Im not quite sure what is so ‘obvious’, as your history is inaccurate, @Anon. Let me give you a quick lesson on the history of Colonial America.

There were many more french colonies in colonial America than there were in Canada. However, Canada was a British colony, with the provinces of Quebec, and a bit in New Brunswick aka Acadia being the french colonies.
In your country (USA), the French territories encompassed the modern-day states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Idaho. Named after the French King Louis XIV, its capital, New Orleans, at the mouth of the Mississippi River, was founded in 1718.


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