Is Pearl the Next Naomi?

Come on…yer all thinking it! Just state your opinion, for or against!

Here are some stats that help the argument along…but in the end it’s all about good story telling and future character potential!

Print Runs (Including variants):

Issue #1: Naomi 29k, Pearl 34k
Issue #2: Naomi 16k, Pearl 17k
Issue #3: Naomi 15k, Pearl 12k
Issue #4: Naomi 19k, Pearl 12k
Issue #5: Naomi TBD, Pearl 11k
Issue #6: Naomi TBD, Pearl 11k

I can tell you issues 6-8 of Pearl are in the 9k range as well.


As in…go out and find them, if you can!

Naomi is better spec long term, pearl could be next umbrella academy or i could go the wayside a so many other “optioned” books

Pearl is more of a gritty, edgy character. I’d (as would DC’s marketing department) compare her more to Jessica Jones. There could be a place for her in the greater DCU, but in more of a street-level arena.

Don’t forget to stock up on other Jinxworld properties such as Scarlet (which had rumors of being optioned, but has since settled down) and Cover. I wouldn’t pay eBay prices, but worth checking if your LCS has extra copies. They were marketed pretty heavily for ordering, but I have yet to hear anyone really talk to much about them (IRL or on the web).

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Pearl isn’t in continuity, isn’t selling well, and has no hype surrounding it. When Pearl ends no one will care. There’s no spec at all on Pearl.

Maybe you missed this tweet from Bendis:

“We just put pearl issue 10 to the printer. It is one of the most technically difficult and personally satisfying comics we’ve ever made. Pearl fans: We actually have pearl movie news debuting in the letter column”

I really don’t think AT&T/Warner/DC will put out a movie for a comic that has sold about 15k an issue or maybe less. Stories are optioned for movies all the time and the majority never see the light of day. They have yet to make a great superhero movie since the Dark Knight trilogy and they need to focus on the 10 or so movies they’ve announced that haven’t come out yet. So if Pearl actually gets a movie, you’ll see it in the year 2030 or something like that.

Fair point, but I wonder if the Bendis-o-rama at DC paired with their streaming service will shake that up.

It’s worth a cover price buy in at least?

I don’t think Bendis has any influence on movies. AT&T/Warner probably look at him as just some comic book writer. Maybe they’ll do TV shows of Bendis’s side characters like this, but I think they’re more likely to focus on characters who are in the DC Universe so that they can continue to build the large shared TV universe that started with Titans and has since added Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing and will soon add Stargirl.

Sure it’s worth a cover price buy and if it heats up I’d flip it quick.

If you ask my wife what she thinks of Bendis, her first response will be… “He needs to learn how to write women characters cause his writing sucks.”

She read his entire Alias series and thought they did a better job at the show than his writing of Jessica Jones in the comic. She didn’t bother with the Jessica Jones books, said she’d save her insanity.

@Brione…it already has heated up.

It’s because of the tweet. I’d flip it quick before the hype dies. Just my opinion.

Yup, buy low, sell high and don’t look back. I agree with the notion that I don’t expect the movie (if it’s ever made) will be as big a deal…

I think it’s price should be worthless if it’s a DC movie. Maybe they will cast Robert Pattinson to play Pearl for all you DC fans. Personally DC ain’t getting a dollar from me any more. Outside of Teen Titans #12, the rebirth #1s, Metal, and Naomi #1, #5, #6 I haven’t given DC any business in years.

The only title I’m reading now is Martian Manhunter… I even stopped buying Batman.

I thought bringing Thomas Wayne into continuity would spark something interesting…I’m woefully behind on my reading but I haven’t heard much excitement…

Regardless of what is causing the heat, there is still heat on that series at the moment. I would take advantage of the opportunity while it presents itself, but I will hold some back as I think Pearl may have a future.

DC has been putting out good books. I read the last few Nightwing arcs (issues 50-60). I thought it was quite a good read. You are doing yourself, as a comic book fan, a disservice by scoffing at the company.

I’m not sure if Alana buys new release comics to read…but I agree outside of Venom and Immortal Hulk DC has much better quality reads than Marvel on average. Marvel seems to be more interested in pumping out new characters and incentive/reprint variants to make money.

I buy far buy more DC titles than Marvel for reads, any way.

It is true I’m lucky to read a couple comics a month. I skim through many books daily online but I read parts here and there not the whole thing. When I do read comics it usually Silver age Marvel currently old F4. The last DC book I’ve read i it’s entirety is Damned #1 and #2, Was up to date with Flash rebirth up to issue 20 or so, Batman Rebirth up to issue 6, Harley Rebirth I read up to #30 or so. Read the last 5 pages of Naomi #5 if that counts. My gripe is their movies, lack of good ones. I don’t want a Pearl movie as DC has 500 other characters that would make a better movie.

Anyone read the letters column in issue 10 yet? Any spoilers??