Jack-In-The-Box Offering Free “The Return of Mark Hamill” Comic Book

Looks like the print link is no longer active. I’m thinking there was a rush on the stock.

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Reddit had a post about it. Maybe that did it?

You just gotta take me down a peg, huh?

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Hm? I’m just agreeing with ya that folks might’ve rushed it!

Oh wait, were you that post? Lol! I honestly didn’t realize.

No, I just thought for one fleeting moment I was an influencer. I could see the cheap Chinese Amazon crap flowing into my inbox for sponsorships in my daydreams…


Just got notice that my order was canceled, no explanation why. Oh well.


Mine got cancelled, too.

Anyone else wake up to a canceled order? Seems we all did

My 10x order was cancelled. My separate earlier 1x was not.

they didn’t specify a limit, I wonder if they are going to reopen them at one per person with all the canceled books

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Ditto. Cancelled

My order of 18 was canceled and my order of 2.

If it’s free and on the internet, it’s probably too good to be true! :wink:

Jack in the Box probably just did this to gather all your names and addresses to sell your info. :wink:


Perhaps it is anyone who ordered 2 or more?

Yeah looking like any orders above 1 we’re cancelled. I ordered 3x. Bummer

Yeah my order of 5 - cancelled. I put in an order of 1 initially and I got no notice it was cancelled.

cancelled as well