Jenny the Turtle

Tom Waltz, current artist on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, revealed that Jennika will don the yellow, and what looks to be her official debut will be in issue 97.

So 96 was fool’s gold as expected. I figured she’d have to have some time before suiting up. Green Stabby is coming. Even getting the claws!!!

Hopefully she’s on the cover of 97 then.

She’s not on the A Cover.

B and C above haven’t been released yet.

My guess is her making either the Second Printing cover for 95

or they save her for a $7.99 Variant Cover or Ratio Variant for issue #100.

Bet you it’s the SDCC cover, but with trade dress.

It’d be cool if it was the concept sketches shown above though in the OP.

1:10 issue #97 cover art.


Is that supposed to be her? No yellow mask and no claws? They need a song to keep all the turtles straight. I’ve got the reindeer down if I sing it, even the name of the most famous reindeer of all. You know (SPOILER) and (SPOILER) and (SPOILER) and (SPOILER). (SPOILER) and (SPOILER) and (SPOILER) and (SPOILER). But do you recall the most famous reindeer or all? (SPOILER) the (SPOILER) reindeer.

Wouldn’t it be the most famous turtle of all?

After all is said and done, I think issue #51 will be the ‘one’ for the Jennika character. Issue #51 is her true 1st appearance.

I mentioned that last week but it’s still one of those things where the first suiting up usually gets more $$ :heart: $$ than first human no power appearance. I have two 51’s on standby just in case.

I’m sure people can toss out a list of times 1st suiting up sells for more than 1st human appearance.

Sometimes you can get someone to believe anything though. I just saw a set of Naomi sell with someone pairing up every comic Superman’s ever carried a little African American girl on the cover.

It could be, toss out a rewrite for us. Make it catchy and maybe it’ll catch on. I wrote words to Chariots of Fire for Senior Night and the whole graduating class sang it on stage as the big finish. Not a dry eye in the house at the end. With a little work I’m sure the group can come up with a turtle song to keep them and their mask colors straight. Imagine seeing Anthony sing it on Good Morning America if it goes viral and Chutastic in appeal.

Heres some finished sales for 51.

Heres some finished listings for 95.

The market seems to be leaning toward 51. 97 will have an increased print run due to the heat the book is now seeing. emphasized text

The market doesn’t have the one where she’s all suited up and snazzy looking yet to pick from. Right now 51 should have less qty for sale which is why I mentioned it last week while right now there’s a ton of 95 to pick from prior to the new look attracting a ton of new fans.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had a print run 23,247 plus the two extra variants so right now while most of them are tucked away in boxes and many people aren’t excited enough to pull them out, long term there should be more than twice as many available as #95 which was most likely around 10,000 copies. I’m hoping 51 hangs out around $50 for a while but I’m expecting 95 might hit triple digits gradually. I had hopes for 96 and 97 but the print runs going to blow up huge on those. I parked my copies of 51 at $39.99 or something close like that just in case last week.

We’re still early in the game. Many people still don’t know she’s coming and she hasn’t done anything yet to feed the frenzy if it happens yet. I had someone in already this morning to pick up his box contents of Walking Dead that didn’t even know the series had ended. It takes time for word to get around to non spec watchers. I’m expecting a slow rise for 95 over the next two months like Naomi did once more story comes out and she does things to excite people while reassuring Alana and other skeptics she’s not a 1 issue flash in the pan.

TMNT #95 is going back for a 2nd print with a NEW Jennika cover by Kevin Eastman and Ben Bishop. We will post the cover as soon as possible:

Think the Second Print for 95 may get a larger print total than the 1st? she is making a cover appearance according to IDW e-mail just now.

I guarantee the print run for 97 (assuming she gets her yellow mask in 97) will be waaaay to high to see any real impact, imo. Can we get guesstimates on how many store variants there will be for 97? 51 does have a higher print, but it is 4-5 years old, and Im certain a fair number of those copies will never again see the open market. Im putting my eggs into 51s basket for this character.

I think the Thomas and Friends intro might fit more suitable to leverage from…

They’re 2, They’re 4, They’re 6, They’re 8!
Shunting trucks and hauling freight!
Red and green and brown and blue,
They’re a really useful crew!

Everyone has to hoe their own row. I have a whole field of options covered myself already!!! In the words of Freddie, “any way the wind blowssssssssss!!”

I’ve already read on other sites the triple digit expectations for 95. The important thing is Monday morning 51 wasn’t fetching $2 after sitting for years. 95 wasn’t expected to be in demand at all either. I notice even IDW is choosing to use the look of her as turtle on covers now instead of how she appeared in 51. I’m hoping, like mentioned earlier here by others, that maybe some variation of the concept art suited up is used for the Second Printing. Green Stabby is coming!!!

Another way to look at it. If HALF the 51’s were destroyed, the other half sitting in boxes are in collections that will need a 95 if it’s continued or started up again by someone else next year after a new turtle gets their attention and there will not be enough of them.

Johnny Come Latelys hopping on the Turtle Train as it’s CHUing on down the line may not have any interest in chasing down the 1st 94 issues, especially if trades are afoot. 95 can expect some double dipping from the collectionists and the newcomers using it as a starting point.

Where was I? Oh yeah, retooling the Mickey Mouse Club Theme song

R U ready for GREEN STABBY!!!
Egggzactly the way we want it!!


Jennika Turtle (Jenny human)

Jennika Turtle (Jenny human)

4Ever let us keep our pizza dry, dry, dry?

Come along as Jenny

Joins the turtle family

95’s the one 4 me!!!

You take it from here Anthony!!!

It is, but 1st appearance doesn’t always equate to being the most valuable. Wolverine’s first appearance was in Hulk 180 but 181 is the one everyone wants and demands causing the value it’s at.

Understand. I know each situation is unique in this crazy hobby we find ourselves in. I still stand by my statement for this particular character. She is named in 51. She has her weapon of choice already. She is already established in the lore of the comics, as she has been involved in the TMNT ongoing story for over 4 years now. She is also already an established ninja. Its just my opinion. I think 51 will be ‘the’ book, with 95 carrying weight and her 1st appearance with yellow mask will rank 3rd, imo. Time will tell. Regardless of what happens with the book, I am seriously stoked about the new Turtle. It seems like it was well planned by IDW, having taken years to properly introduce the character before she ‘mutated’. Im excited to see where this goes, and Im adding TMNT to my pulls for the foreseeable future.

Well, she is a turtle now, so it makes sense to use her on the cover, as she appears in the guts of the book, in turtle form. However, her 1st cover appearance was issue #59A.


And she is, as a human, on the B cover to #95.

I do not know how many covers she was on in the 4 years she has been in the comics, between her 1st cover on 59A, to her cover appearance on 95B