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The Marvel trailer dropped for Ms. Marvel. This week Jim Comics is recommending MS. Marvel 13 1st and 2nd prints. I’m not a Ms. Marvel fan and have no opinion. Most of the other picks I already knew about. There was a little bit on Star Wars at the end of the video. Only one pick for the High Republic. He talks about Star Wars High Republic #15 (2nd Ptg Anindito Variant). He gives his opinion on Miles Morales Spider-Man #38.

I highly recommend doing your own research and not just buying what he recommends. Please educate yourself by reading more posts on CHU. Also if you want to read up on Star Wars go to DrunkWooky

Jim Comics Top Picks For NCBD Mar 23, 2022


Ms Marvel 13 was recommended on here over 2 years ago. I guess better late than never.


There are not many copies of Ms. Marvel comics, but there is also not a huge fan base to sell Ms. Marvel comics. Low print runs are great for selling to big fan bases.

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Yeah…for the record, I’ve always watched his videos and enjoy them, but so much of the “spec” news I often see (not just with regards to this video but most of them) is just so old. I completely understand that not everyone tunes into forums and sites however.
The Ms. Marvel #13 (and its 2nd print) have been on the radar since day one because of the 1st appearance.
I bought a ton simply because Amulet is from a city not far from me lol. (Dearborn, MI).


Speculation comes and goes like a rollercoaster as well. There’s nothing wrong in revisiting old spec worthy titles later on down the beaten path.


problem with ms marvel 13 2nd print is amulet is on the cover of 1st print, and the art of the 2nd print is awful


That fact may be what makes the 2nd harder to find…normally characters firsts are not on the cover until the later printings…and lately that’s the incentive for speculators to order heavy.

But I’d everyone passed on this second print because there was not an incentive to buy it other than you missed the first print and wanted to read it…could be a very low print run.

Still needs demand though…we’ll see how well it’s sustained.

I agree with that sentiment, but I often see the after effect of simply “revisiting” already established spec as an artificial spike in interest and therefore price simply because of it. Not because the spec has become anymore valid, but simply because an influencer (who assuredly has the books) decided to bring them up.
We all know that after videos like this air: the books will likely hit a list, sales will pick up, folks will be looking in bins for books that were cleaned out long ago
Now, if there was a real indicator that Amulet or Storm ranger were in the show, then that changes the entire thing & game on. To my knowledge, they weren’t.

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Exactly this. I literally have no idea why people watch Jim’s videos and think he has any credibility. Sure, he reads some comics, like many of us do. I guess those who treat Key collector like the gospel might think he has credibility because the books he discusses often make it to lists on the app like you said, but everything he mentions has been spec for a while.


I honestly believe that Jim is simply a guy who enjoys collecting, lists the books he’s interested in picking up, and offers his opinion on some books that might be worth picking up for speculation value. I do not feel that he has an agenda; in other words, I don’t think he’s trying to manipulate the market by suggesting his spec books. I think that because he has some kind of connection to the key collector people, many people think his speculation is “pumping.” I really don’t feel that way because unlike many youtube speculators, he never uses expressions like “buy these books now before it’s too late” or “you can’t miss out on this book!” I don’t watch his videos frequently, but every time I watch one he stresses that the choice to buy is ultimately up to the buyer, and I believe I’ve heard him use the phrase “just buy what you like” numerous times. And using the example mentioned here, the Ms Marvel books he recommends, it is true that this is stuff we were speculating on years ago and are well aware of. So if he’s recommending stuff that we all were picking up years ago, I simply can’t see any kind of ulterior motive on his part. It seems to me that he’s letting the average Joe who may not know about books with potential join in. I believe it is his connection to key collector that turns a lot of people off to him but also turns a lot of others on to his every word as if he were some sort of modern-day Nostradamus. I may be wrong, but he seems to be a guy with a passion for comics who somehow became this deified prognosticator in the eyes of some, and false prophet for others. It depends on the perspective of the viewer.

Personally, I am not suggesting a motive, or questioning his intent. I am more interested in why the community seemingly holds his opinion in such high regard. It seems that his videos obviously have an impact on these books, and I am just wondering why his videos specifically, as others have also mentioned several of these books (this forum included). I also echo the sentiment others have regarding why his videos specifically have books that make the app while others don’t. Otherwise, I agree that he seems to be a collector who enjoys what he is collecting.


I was reading this quote imagining you were talking in ComicTom’s voice.

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Isn’t that what speculation is? Half truths and or going on very little info or data or even no info/data? We spec on titles before they’re released, after they’re released and then sometimes later on. So Ms Marvel show is getting closer. Will Amulet show up? Maybe, maybe not. But yeah, it does help if we got more info earlier on if so… but I can’t discredit someone for bringing it up. Now, if the issues start to go crazy in value again because people can’t control themselves, I can’t blame Jim for mentioning it. The only thing I could say he does wrong is if he’s sitting a stack of them and only mentioned it for his own gain by starting to dump if they do sell for much more.


He has an audience that trusts him and enjoys his specs. I watch his videos because I know that whatever he tells his audience to spec on, the comic prices goes up on ebay almost instantly. Just more books to add to my hunt list when I’m at my shop, see if I can pick them up and then flip them.

I spend an obscene amount of time here in this forum, so much so that it’s embarrassing. I don’t imagine that the average joe would put in the amount of time to absorb the content here and do their own research. The average JimComics lemmings…errrr I mean viewer I imagine has just enough time to watch 1 of his videos a week and that would be good enough for them. That’s their go to source for information. They don’t have time or want to go on forums and social media etc to look up all this info. This is the main reason why I think JimComics videos are held in such high regard amongst his lem…viewers.


And there is the agenda. If you have an online presence and an “audience”, you have an agenda. You need to keep people coming back. This site does speculation, and so does Jim, but he is also informing you on what to get. Others do it too; not laying fault at all. If CHU stopped speccing tomorrow, people would stop showing up to check it out. If Jim can’t cast a line for some folks, they won’t be back. I am pretty sure he likes having subscribers.

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I’m not so sure that Jim really cares about the amount of subscribers he has. He disappears for months at a time to do who knows what, then returns again, out of nowhere.

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Yeah I almost unsubscribed to him at one point because he was gone for months. Didn’t know if he was coming back. Glad he’s back.

BTW, JimComics did appear on one of ComicTom’s show as a guest. I think that’s the first time you ever got to see his face. If you want to see what he looks like check it out. I don’t remember the link but he was a guest there. He looks exactly like you would imagine.

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I hear his voice and I see a mixture of Tom Hanks and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But, I would rather not see his face than have to watch Comic Tom blathering on and on and on…


In Poyos words everyone buys comics to sell eventually you or a family member will sell them. If you really enjoy comics and don’t sell I assume one throws them in the trash when done reading.

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