Joe Rogan #1573- Chinese Influence on American Markets

This is a great clip if you get a chance to watch/listen:

Marvel is discussed specifically (which I know we’ve talked about here).

No doubt there’s an obvious negative effect; but, I’d be interested in thoughts related to spec (long and short term). Personally, I think this means good things long-term (especially for some books) although there could be variables I’m not considering (e.g., censorship having a negative outcome in the U.S.).


I’ll just start out by saying, let’s keep this discussion to the actual topic, Chinese Influence on American Markets. Any whiff of dragging politics into this we’ll just shut this down immediately. (Sorry, gotta throw the warning up there cause some people can’t help themselves cause this is already borderline politics, well, they can get dragged out very quickly).

All I can say is, as larger markets grow in other countries, companies will take whatever action necessary to expand and capitalize. America has been trying to influence the entire world with our ways so of course these other markets from Asia and other continents when they can will certainly push their influence where they can.

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Its an expanding mRket, thats why both dc and marvel are trying asian characters

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Whatcha smelling over there poyo?


Im going to do my best to stay out of politics in this thread and just say that I purchased War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas for this reason.


Let me guess … the riveting story!?

Are there Chinese comic collectors???

If so would they care to collect the us version of the comic?

This is what I’d like to know. Does anyone ever ship something there? Are there rules about certain books that can’t be sent? Are there Chinese versions of older/modern books?

I truly know none of these things.

I remember when people were speccin on new Superman because he was chinese. Lots of broken dreams there.

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That was doomed to fail. You can’t just “make someone” Superman. Superman is an alien from Krypton… just saying someone is “Superman” is just dumb unless they’re from his planet.

The comic book industry is a GLOBAL marketplace. Fans all over the world. Different art styles.

But, just because American comics have different ethnic characters, doesnt mean they will have corresponding fans. Do we as American collectors like EVERY American characters ? NO

American movies have a different style than other international markets. Hell, the Mulan live-action movie BOMBED in China. On the other hand, I could care less in seeing American actors in foreign movies.

As some will use Agents of Atlas as an example, those new characters probably wont have fans in the countries their representing. People are using ethnicity to pump up books.

I have shipped all over the world via eBay Glbal Shipping Partner, but cannot say that I have ever shipped to a Chinese address, or for that matter a Chinese sounding name as you ship the GSP books to Kentucky.

If they are buying US editions, it will cause there to be less in the US market which would be a good thing, because anytime I see comics being sold from China, I skip them. I do know we have one active reader and commenter in Hong Kong who could give us a better perspective.

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It’s well-known China influences the film market and the comics are often affected by film news. So I guess China kinda impacts spec in that way?

American films having greatly influenced international film’s styles. Not the other way around.

The global box office, including Chinas, has affected the way American movies are presented though. China has (partially) funded alot of American movies.

I don’t mean style. I mean due to China’s politics and views on issues that results in movies changing things to satisfy that market.

The, “China Cut,” of, “Iron Man 3,” comes to mind.

Or as discussed in the video about Dr. Strange (i.e., removal of references to Tibet).

This is a macro problem, not a micro one. China has compromised our entire corporate infrastructure with the carrot on the stick being access. Comics are compromised due to Disney wanting access to 1.4 billion Chinese consumers. Same with AT&T and DC. These major corporations have their hands in many of products and services and they permit China to censor their creation and content for access. This situation has played out with any corporation that does or inspires to do business there. To me, it isn’t about the ethnicity of new characters. That’s not what China is pushing for. China is pushing for global communism and control and they are attempting to achieve that through censorship and social engineering. Comics, magazines, movies, TV shows, text books, Hollywood, cancel culture, search engines, social networks – they’re all sacrificing your liberty via censorship for access that will ultimately destroy the America you know in exchange for money and power for the very top.

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