Justice League Vs Godzilla Vs Kong

Found on Reddit.

Roar a sound FX cover!!!

It sounds so silly, so yes, please!

wolverine vs predator coming out soon, so this makes sense. i could buy into this cuz… monsters!

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I am getting both Wolverine Predator and this. Stupid fun. Comics should be fun

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Kong is gonna bow to Supes 100%

I wonder if I can still activate/hear it through a slab…

how bout no

Agreed, especially if they allow Superman to use his speed. He ain’t no bi-plane from the 30’s that Kong can just reach out and knock down. :joy:

I’m rooting for Godzilla though. He has always been my favorite (and MechaGodzilla)

Godzilla gets his power and regenerates using radiation from the Earth’s core. I’m curious if that is similar to yellow sun radiation? If so, his fire breath may just turbo charge Superman.

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Only a feeble human with no powers but good looks, charm and intellect can beat Superman, that man is Lex Luthor.

Superman is indestructible unless Kryptonite is near him. It’s silly when they make him vulnerable to anything else… :wink:

False. He is also vulnerable to magic and red sun radiation.

In fact, Plastic Man could destroy Superman.

That’s only because they keep changing his powers over time… once upon a time Superman couldn’t even fly… He could only leap tall buildings! :wink:

He was also only faster than a speeding bullet……

Well that’s the rumor Lois spread.


He was the first smart Hulk.

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Batman has a mechsuit?

Batman has everything

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It’s not the only thing she spread for Superman!

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