Kamala Khan returns in new Ms Marvel series

Expect some new characters.


Lol i’m gonna expect a boatload of store exclusives cause now retailers are gonna be like “who doesn’t love kamala??” after her series flopping constantly

Store exclusives galore because of the Disney+ and MCU hype. Why cant Marvel just continue the series like Batman did when they switched writers. All these restart and #1s with legacy numbers getting a little tiresome.


Reminds me of the current X-Men… Like why?

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Lagging sales

Well with the X-Men series the Hickman one was more of an anthology and most of the characters would be changed for the stories. Whereas the upcoming one by Duggan is a straight up team book focused on the new X-Men team

It’s extremely tiresome. And it makes back-issue hunting a total b*tch.


Because DC has 47 other Batman titles where they can sell those #1s.

DC is doing it as well. They just rebooted Superman after just starting this volume a few years ago. They just rebooted Harley and Suicide Squad too.

DC does seem to hold out a bit longer on reboots but if you also compare Marvel’s # of titles to DC # of titles, Marvel got them beat by a few miles. DC doesn’t have a good arsenal of B and C class of characters that Marvel seems to have them beat on. When Marvel can do solo titles of Black Cat and others and be somewhat successful, they got DC beat in that type of category as well.

Gotta maximize that short-term profit, at the expense of long-term goals, to satisfy the investors. New #1’s used to mean something. Now, not so much.

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Yeah its funny because new #1s mean nothin now but let it be a Teresa Parker or Cindy Moon cameo then the #1s becaome valuable… it’s all a waiting game.

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I’m totally all about the quality 1st apps. I rarely buy anything else now. Characters can always come back, if you wait it out. I’m prepared to hold for decades, if need be.

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