Kickstarters That You're Watching/Backing

Here is a kickstarter that I am interested in. Its based on a true story and this is the first time I have heard of this person or maybe I just didnt pay attention in American History class back in High School lol.

The Triggergirl (one word) #6 Hughes variant is up to 221 backers with 6 days to go. Actually a lower number of backers than I was expecting but it doesn’t have the same zip as the Pop Kill.

My most recent backing is Mad Wolf & Cop #1 eBas Collectors Crate. It’s a LOT more than I usually pay but I like it as it’s kind of a risque Campbell type of cover. The crate has (7) comics, metal card, 5" acrylic stand (double sided with cover art) and a collector box, supposedly limited to 49 ‘crates’. Hoping the story is good cuz I mean, who doesn’t want a tiger hybrid female sniper, ninjas, werewolves, vampires and such in a story? There’s also a chance to get the Gold Omega 1/1. Oh, I can only hope :innocent:

For this one, the artists for the collectors crate are: eBas, Shikarii, Parrillo, Khamunaki. I would usually go with Shikarii or Khamunaki but they didn’t strike my fancy this go around.

There’ll be another Coffin Comics KickStarter coming soon which I usually buy something because their swag is awesome!

EDIT: I also got in on the Cherry Poptart Omnibus.


For you Enormous fans (comic book related only - LOL):

I HAD to buy into this. I was on the Enormous spec train wreck from the very beginning and have a TON (for me) of this series. I remember being on the CGC boards when Tim Daniels would provide updates on “in the works” screen project and directly fueled the speculation in which nothing came to fruition (yet?).

The art is freakin’ amazing and the story is very good as well IMO.

I went with the $65 package that comes with the tabloid style 8-page folding newspaper print from SDCC 2015. I also added on the $10 “Field Guide” of the creatures and characters in the story. I’d like to add the NYCC newspaper but it doesn’t look like that’s a solo add-on option.

VERY excited for this :star_struck:

I have the NYCC newspaper I believe

Enormous spec is even longer than Bunker spec.
Anyone remember that one? :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Bunker came out when I was getting back into the hobby. I wasn’t a speculator then, this was the kind of indy titles that brought me back. We’re people really speccing on Bunker getting optioned back then?

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I think it was optioned back in the day.

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My witchblade kickstarter stuff came in today


Lots of fun stuff!

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Sean Gordon Murphy’s Zorro launched this morning and has already unlocked 3 goals. Some nice exclusives are available, including a cover by Adam Hughes, with a possible foil AH cover if the campaign goes far enough.


I do like Sean Gordon Murphy. I should check the Kickstarter out

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there was some new news about bunker a few years ago

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