Killer B Cover: Miles Morales #20 Clarke Variant

I have been loving Miles Morales books lately. Have been finding great copies of earlier issues and early reprints and doing well with them. Saw this B cover for Miles Morales #20 which is on FOC for tomorrow and wanted to share.

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Yeah this was on my radar from jump!! You seen the video game covers?
Miles Morales spider-man #21

Then Amazing Spider-man #53/54

Ordering all these!!

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Yeah. I preordered a bunch of the video games covers.

Yeah and issue 20 was FOC a couple weeks ago. Jus checked my orders from the 9th. Hopefully these new orders get filled. Or does Tfaw keep orders open on some books.

Foc is tomorrow

Did they change the FOC on this? I had this as my FOC pick back for October 12th…

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Yes… It was FOC on 12th, it was one of my FOC picks… TFAW took the FOC off the listing so it’s just what they might still have available after FOC.

Ok got it. I already ordered just makin sure any new people ordered hoping they get theres. But Tfaw pron ordered extra and has copies over the preorder.

Are these video game covers still up on tfaw? I can’t find them. If possible, could someone post links?

I do not see them up any more either

Didnt even know they were on Tfaw. Found the images on IG.

Not that Miles needed any hype, but I was curious to note a conversation I overhead amongst my youngest son (he’s 23) and his friends who are all pretty avid gamers. They aren’t really comic book fans or collectors, but enjoy the Marvel Universe, films, games, etc (as most of society seems to these days).

They are extremely excited about the new Miles Morales Spidey game. They are just now releasing preview videos/play throughs, etc…and they were watching them/discussing them.

They really didn’t know much about Miles…didn’t seem to know about, or care about the animated movie, but seemed to be “all in” on Miles and this video game. I brought out some comics and showed them and they enjoyed seeing them.

I guess my point being…Miles and his comics are all ready on fire…this game and its heavy advertisement in Christmas catalogs, gaming videos etc…will create an ever bigger audience.

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Today’s kids will relate more to Miles than Peter. I get it and like someone else said on the forums, Peter is kind of getting boring now with the same stories being rehashed over and over.

Peter Parker needs a great writer to step in and really come up with some engaging stories to revive the character…

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Is that a new character on 53/54?

I believe it’s the Tinkerer… not new but might be new person under the mask… But it’s in the video game since these are just covers for the video game but nothing about it inside interiors.

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I can tell it’s def not the original based on the female hand. Wonder who it is and if 53 is worth specing on.

Only if it makes it way into the comics… remember, this is just covers for the video game.

Female hand? You can tell what gender based on the hand in that pic?

Not 53 but 54 reveals more… pretty sure the character just had a manicure prior to this action shot lol.

Body looks feminine hand looks it too. And just rewatched the trailer it is about a 90% chance that’s a woman.