King in Black #2 (Key issue?)

So I recently saw someone on Instagram (who normally posts new vernom-related covers/info) make the assertion that Issue #2 (KiB) is going to be major. And when a comment was made about how the commenter felt issue #2 would be more build up and #3 would have something major, the original poster replied with “I can promise you, that’s not the case.” Beyond that he was tight lipped about why the assertion, instead just replying with zipped-lipped emojis. [NOTE: I don’t know the rules on posting IG user names on the forum]

Anybody have any idea what might make Issue #2 a major issue? FWIW, I’m thinking it’ll be cool from a reader’s perspective. And I think all the knullified heroes (from the covers) will pop up in this issue. However, I don’t see any of that lasting and I don’t know that this would equal spec-gold either.

I hear there will be a new awesome character.

Who turns out to be Mac Gargan.


What about Dylan #3?

I have a feeling it will follow up to what happens in this issue of the Venom

Do tell…

Such a tease

Black winter? Another new symbiot from days of old?

Found Donny Cates CHU username.

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har har ;p

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Some preview of issue #2

Guess it wasnt just a cover gimmick… the characters do get taken over by Knull. (1st knullified appearances?)


That would make it hot, perhaps, but not a long-term investment, unless they stay around, which I doubt. Looks cool though!

So this must be the cover of the spoiler variant huh??

Well, the last issue of Venom ended with Eddie Brock mere inches above a landing that would surely kill him from blunt force trauma.

Unless he’s miraculously saved, probably that.

Well the images show no save he hit the car hard.

I figured. Otherwise, why make the entire last issue of Venom about him falling for 32 seconds? It would be terrible subversion of expectations.

He was falling 32 seconds? That explains that issue’s title! I didn’t get what that meant. I’m dense.

Just through curiosity I calculated it. Looks like Eddie fell about 5,026 feet.

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How’d you come up with that number? Did you account for terminal velocity and factoring in any type of air resistance in your equations?

Also for comparison, tallest building in the world is 2,722 feet. If Eddie got thrown off a building, that’s one hell of a tall building if it’s 5,026 feet high.

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Maybe it would take 20 seconds to make that fall, but its comics so who cares LOL.