King Spawn #1 Sells Almost 500,000 Copies

The COA came from Todd. I believe people who wanted to CGC theirs had to send in that COA with the book, like a coupon.

Retailers acting like consumers… is bad for business!

So is every new spawn title gonna have the 1:250 gimmick? They’re doing it for gunslinger spawn and scorched earth too

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Probably. It’s easy money because retailers are gonna act like consumers to get those ratios…

I’ve lost all interest in these titles.


I’m only remotely interested in, “Gunsligner Spawn,” because Ales Kot is a writer on it. They have made some comics I adored in the past so I’ll give it a shot.

Is he? Oh I’m out. I think I’d rather read Tynion than Ales Kot. I just can’t get into his stuff…

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Get the fudge outta here. “Zero,” is amazing, “Change,” was great, “The Surface,” “Material,” “Wolf,” and so forth are all snazzy. His short run on, “Suicide Squad,” was a treat too. There’s other stuff, I’m just naming favorites.

I read here

“In addition, McFarlane will write Gunslinger Spawn’s backup stories, featuring art by Ales Kot”

That’s got to be wrong. I thought he was a writer only, not an artist.

That is incorrect. I checked some other sites and Kot and McFarlane are noted as writers.

Well, he’s definitely better writer than McFarlane. I’d rather read the Twilight Novels than read anything McFarlane writes.

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I know what to get you for the holidays now! Hope you like, “Twilight,” box sets! All the books, just for you! Not the movies, those are sometimes watchable thanks to a solid cast that went on to do other better works, just the miserable books.

Haha… sure. I’m sure they’ll make great kindling for the fireplace this winter!

I have said every creator I have met has been nice. Ales was an ass. He wore a hoodie up in summer with glasses and acted like he didn’t want to be at the signing he was doing at the local shop or was too cool to be in a comic shop. Shop allowed as many copies as you wanted to be signed as per the agreement with Ales. I got 20 copies as I offered them up on the main site for sale (Zero #1) and he told me he doesn’t sign for speculators. I laughed and said I wasn’t jacking up the price and was giving one away as well. Store owner had to remind him of the agreement they had with him on the signing being unlimited. Tradd Moore was there too (who is very nice) and he kept mumbling to Tradd about his annoyance with speculators and how we are trash.

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When you care that much about what happens to your work after it’s in consumers hands, you need to learn to let go me thinks.

Anyone familiar with comics knows it’s a collectors market, not just a bunch of readers. If it bothers you so much of what happens to your creation after it’s in consumers hands, you should not be working or associated in such industry. Just keep all your stories to yourself…

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I know my thoughts on these series will go against the norm, but Spawn continues to have a very devout, behind the scenes following that continues to support it. While I’m not a fan of all the ratio variants, excessiveness with the #1 issues. I think keeping an eye on subsequent issues/art/covers is still a smart play. After all the craze of the #1s, the subsequent issues will likely be cut significantly in terms of orders. Coupled with last minute releases of the art for covers, numbers of the covers diluted because they are doing the ole 4 covers in some cases, etc. Love or hate Spawn and McFarlane, there are still some pretty incredible covers being put out, by pretty amazing artists.

Just look at the prices for the regular,recent issues of Spawn after the hype for #300/301. Same principle applies.

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100% agree. I don’t purchase every Spawn book, but do hold quite a collection (almost all at cover price) and have been very pleasantly surprised at how much some of them now go for, even those outside of the low print era.

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Spawn is on a plane of its own. Similar to ASM 300. Despite millions of copies and 1000s of NM+ or better copies out there. Is there any more books graded than ASM 300 and Spawn #1?

ASM 300 = 28,700 graded books (CGC & CBCS)
Spawn #1 = 20,150 graded books (CGC & CBCS)

Spawn #1 has an insane print run but look at 9.8s. It’s a $200 book! There are over 8,000 9.8s in circulation between CGC and CBCS.

Also, There are 18k+ copies of ASM 300 in 9.0 or above…yet it routinely goes for $800+ In 9.0 grade.

Yes, Spawn is it’s own thing. Should be the next “Star Wars” in investment opportunities of first appearances of it ever takes off cinematically or a series….if you can find them….some are pretty low print run.


Todd saying he has 5 tv shows planned? yeah okay Todd lol


Haha, in the works… it was in the works until he demanded he controlled everything in it, every studio dropped out last I read… Geez!