King Spawn #1 Sells Almost 500,000 Copies

Leaving out the Hyperbole, but here you go.

The recent launch of Todd McFarlane’s new monthly comic book, King Spawn #1 , has shattered sales records . With just under a half-million pre-orders by comic stores retailers, this marks the single largest new superhero monthly title launch in the comic book industry in the past 25 years based on the standard sales formula of the comic book industry (non-returnable, non-retailer exclusive sales).

Total pre-orders of 497K are bigger than any Marvel new monthly superhero launch, including Ironman, Hulk, Thor , or Captain America issue in the past quarter-century. McFarlane’s King Spawn #1 also topped any DC Comics new monthly title launch for the past two and a half decades, including Batman, Superman, Flash , or Wonder Woman .

So this means the 1:250 will have 1,988 copies floating around.


Posted here as well:

Going to be the same kinda print run for House of Slaughter don’t be paying ratio for these lower ratios you will kick yourself when the books release.


Great. 10k copies of the sketch cvr

Really feels like the 90s comic collecting.


There’s gonna be a ton of these stabbed lol

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I’ve never read Spawn. Tried the first few volumes and couldn’t get into it. Props to Todd tho

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Which some claim was McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1 that kicked off the 90s doom and gloom… :wink:

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Sorry…but no to BigAssCollectibles…

1988 copies of a 1:250 variant is SUPER F’ING HIGH.

Oh yea, forgot to include the douche flames to convince people of my serious post…

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Bless those that don’t get a 9.8. Boy would that hurt.

That guy was pre-selling CGC Graded copies for $800. So, guess where the best copies went.

figure at another 100+ copies for friends and family

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I’ll wait for the 2nd printing of King Spawn #1.


Kudos to Todd, but I am just not very excited about this book. Do we really need half a million copies of a new Spawn title? What fan base is absorbing these copies? Looks like I might have to wait for the 5th & final gold foil deluxe 1:50 printing. By then, the print run should approach 750K (and far too many trees will have died in vain). But at least Todd will be thrilled (and cheering all the way to the bank).


Ya’ll watch out if you are looking for this book tomorrow…severe printing damage to probably 50% of the ones I’ve pulled out of the box so far.

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Look how rare and hot this book is


So you’re saying the print run is now only 2 million undamaged… gotcha! :wink:


I haven’t purchased a ton of Spawn comics in my life, probably only 25 total… but most of them were damaged.

BTC posting about how they had 40+ copies of the 1:250!! I cannot imagine how many copies of king spawn they still have left

Why does it need a COA if graded by CGC?