Knullified Variants

I’m wondering everyone’s opinion on the knull variants headed our way. Is there a chance these could end up like the original venomized variants from years ago? I’m thinking the lesser known titles maybe good long term bets like black widow, dare devil, etc. Inyuk Lee is doing the Miles variant which should be awesome. Thoughts ?

The original venom variants were 1:50s that’s why they go for a lot the other 2 or 3 runs of Venomized variants were all open order. I do like a few of the knullified variants and have already preordered a few really like the Kamala one the best out of the ones already revealed.


Buy what you like…but I see no spec value here…


Yup, Marvel themed variants that are open order are hit or miss. It took several years for the hip hop to take off and I think those were due to the special case/craze over this past summer, they’re already cooling off it seems…

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To each their own, but I’m not a big fan of cover themes across titles. The Ross Timeless, Fortnite, Halloween, Knullified…

Marvel: “How can we get fans of X to buy books they’d never actually buy?”

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Yup, themed variants just like any variants are only there to get people to not buy just 1 book but hopes they buy multiple copies of the same story… that explains everything when it comes to any and all variants.

I feel like it is a really idea to keep a close eye on the regular cover A’s when they do huge variant pushes like this. There are times the A covers are still the best long term and sometimes lost in the shuffle.
I remember buying the “venomized” cover to Spider gwen #24 with the Vulture & wish I had the regular over that.

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You didn’t take the advice I always claim (should I post the pic again?)… I only bought Cover A of Spider-Gwen #24:wink:


I like the Knullfied covers. The Captain America cover is nice. You can order them and see some of the covers Here

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And you sold it to me!!! Hahahahhaha!

I’ll have to go back and see for how much. I think it was $10.

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Do I have a good long term memory or what? :grin:

And what’s with the 99.5% positive feedback??

Did I? But I sold several of these, which I think some for way more…

It’s 100% now… some arsehole gave me a negative cause I canceled cause he sent me best offer with a story saying he couldn’t afford more than what he offered. It was still reasonable so I accepted and then listed another book, the same book. 1 hour later before the guy pays, he puts in an offer on my next listing with same sob story… I’m like, WTF? So I canceled cause I don’t like dishonesty. Why was he telling me he can’t afford more but yet he’s going around putting in offers on books (probably not looking at the seller)…

So the arsehole left a negative after I explained to him that he lost complete trust since he tried telling me he’s on a budget but yet here he is, putting in offers on multiple books…

I tried to get eBay to remove it (showing them the offer he made, the story and then him making more offers) but they said it was based on his “experience”… which I claimed was utter bullshit but what can you do right?

Man, 758 feedback… I’m over 950 now… so that was a long time ago…

Knull Marvel Tales #1

I gotta watch what I say…just looked at my feedback and I have a negative…first ever in 20 years against 1064 positives.

I sold a set of Hell Arisen 3/Batman 89 2nd prints. These were Purchased from MCS and they slap that NM grade on the bag…well I listed them, 12 pictures in the listing all sorts of angles…shipped in a Gemini mailer…

Guy complains about the grade and hits me with negative feedback…didn’t even contact me to resolve. I would have taken them back if he wasn’t satisfied. No need to do that.

Yeah, always try to sort it out before leaving negatives. I think I’ve only left 1 negative myself since using eBay. You have to be a real dick or just not respond to get a negative from me.

Don’t see any spec value on these, buy what you like.


If the seller doesn’t contact you before he leaves negative feedback, I have had success having that removed by EBAY. Tell them that you have a history of working out problems with other buyers who had similar complaints, and that you would have more than willingly worked out a resolution with the buyer, if he had asked. Also, before you contact eBay, make sure you send a message to the buyer indicating that you are willing to work a solution that works for the buyer. Wait a few days if the buyer doesn’t respond (they typically do not), then contact eBay with your ‘story’. The fact that the buyer hasn’t contacted you, despite efforts on your part, can help you get that unreasonable negative review removed.

The only problem with contacting eBay is it’s a total time waster (they truly do their best to try and prevent actual human interaction it seems)… you spend more time getting them on the phone and explaining the problem than anything. I think the last time I contacted them it was around 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back. It should have been a 10 min conversation at most, a no brainer.