Last of Us gets series order from HBO

Last of Us

Surprised it took this long

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by the team that did Chernobyl mini-series. book is seriously under valued atm. very low print run, hard 9.8. book will be 2k in 9.8 when show comes out

I’m not sure about 2k but could reach the 1k mark relatively easy as most listings for 9.8 are being listed around the $400 to $500 mark at quick glance. Only 9.6 have sold recently, one at $200.

Isn’t this the 2nd or 3rd time this title’s been optioned though? I guess them ordering episodes is the next step but we all saw the same thing with Y Last Man and it’s still yet to make it…

ordering the episodes means its being made.

Made means nothing though until it makes it to the screens. Wife worked in film, movies and television, only a fraction make it to our screens.

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Yes that is true only a small percentage actually get made but this property is huge.

Of course… Its chances are more likely for sure.

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It’s zombies but a fungal spore. With all the pandemic madness it is weirdly topical.

How many copies you got ??

This is a hard book to find that is in mint condition. Not sure if it’s different paper or something but I bought a few copies and not one was above a 9.4. About three months before the second game came out I cleared eBay (reasonable prices). I was able to sell all for a nice profit but just an fyi

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Issue #1 also has 3 printings… I wonder if the show makes it to the screen if the 2nd or 3rd printings will be more popular as reprints have been of late.

1, my pc copy

The game is really good. Haven’t played the 2nd series.

I was just going to ask it’s based on the video game.

2nd is a bit long but just as good. Highly recommend

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Cool. I’ll look into getting it. Thank you

Lday mormont from games of thrones cast as lead star

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I can see it. Good casting.


mando is joel. god damn