Later printings

Certainly a collector’s niche.

Are later printings becoming this crazy? Every listing I see is marked up for high prices stating “RARE” or “HTF”?

Cool Ross cover and it’s a Iron Man 126 Homage. There’s also a cool Magnificent Ms. Marvel #5 like this one out there.


Those non lenticular covers were very under ordered so there’s not a ton of them. Of course for the cbsi crowd for them rare=super valuable and expensive even if there’s nothing key about them

Is CBSI working in the BOOM! marketing department who want to promote the idea that because there’s very few of something made automagically makes it desirable and in demand, creating FOMO? :wink:

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There can only be one logical explanation for this thought process… “Pump and Dump!”

“Pump and Dump!” - I feel like that’s for every comic coming out lol


They have a whole show about pumping and dumping books. Look at their segment “pro spec ten list” and totally not “I have these books and need to move them so here’s a random list of why you should buy these books preferably from me”


So, you people would not want me to yank out all my worthless books in my long boxes and pump them so you start buying them?

Maybe I’ll start the… Poyo’s Longbox Finds segment… Today we find sort through all my small print run indie books, tout how they’re all now Very HTF and you must buy them all so I can make room for all my new Momoko collection… :wink:


I see them as newsstands, no reason for a newsstand to command more money than a direct. All the excuses are just BS and the same can be said for the 2nd/3rd etc prints. A lot of them a really low print but can’t hate on those if you are on the newstand train.

I do like the 2nd prints of the shitty lenticular covers that don’t have the lenticular design, I grab those when I see them and they are always in back issue bins.


Agree with the newsstand sentiment. No offense to those that hunt them down but yeah, miss me with that nonsense.

was Uncanny X-Men 275 Newsstand on one of those lists? Lol i was like what?

and wth is “pro spec”? is that a career?

I can only say that Newsstands are unique in the fact that finding them in high grade condition is the key, particularly books before the mid 90s when a lot of comics found their first home on spinner racks where people and kids loved to “bend them” to sort through the stack. Saying they’re worth more than direct though is just silly. Too many factors involved I think to really break it all down when comparing.


Last year some time I was on Golden Apple looking for 2nd prints. Found some cool Garney sketch Conan covers from the new series. No one wants those if you’re not a Conan fan lol.

But I came across the Avengers 2nd prints with Red Widow and Ghost Surfer covers. They were cover price. Grabbed the Red Widow cover cuz I liked it. Passed on the Ghost surfer cover, thought it sorta silly. But then like 2 weeks later I see those same books going for $60-80+. I was like what the…? I started noticing it appearing on TFTFS and KKC. Those aren’t even long-term characters (do we really need a Ghost Surfer?).

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I have a hard time believing people are paying such high sums of money for later printings. Then again, I’m in a SiKTC and DoT cult group where people will buy everything. Will this continue when all these new pokemon trainers don’t have stimmys? I have my thoughts.

I don’t mind the NS vs Direct niche but when it’s so much of a price gap like ASM 300, where 9.8 NS commands more of a premium than the direct, i mean its the same book and as a collector will that matter to you? As a seller/dealer, it’s great.

Well, the difference here is finding a ASM 300 in high grade direct market is relatively easy to find where finding one as Newsstand is a little tougher to find. This is why the price gap is large I think. This is one of those factors where the hunt for a Newsstand that was placed in an environment where they were abused and not bagged/boarded like they did at the shops is desirable, so the demand for them drives the value up as more are willing to spend more on them. Yes, they are the same book but the environmental outlying factors change the game when it comes to perceived value.


Just my 2 cents… every section/group in this comic collector world has about 10 or so people that buy in to the hype/speech/advice they give. Idc if its Flipside, Key Collector, FB groups, CHU forums, etc. We’ve all sold books or seen books sold for ridiculous amounts and for ridiculous reasons. I think each site/spec groups points out books they like and the aforementioned followers proceed to buy. I dont think many of us would buy indie books or random titles if they weren’t posted on this very forum. I know I’m one that has bought some books because of recommendations from respected posters. I feel the same can be said for others. I dont see much of a pump and dump for SOME issues just them shootin the shit for what they been hunting for same as we do. It seems that the larger audience yields larger followers and subsequent increases in purchases. From the outside looking in this forum creates spec and hype around some books that others see as why? Now I agree Keycollector does a lot more to the negative aspect of FOMO over all. Idk I just feel were all playing the same game on different teams with different fans. Some teams are the Lakers other teams are the Orlando magic.


Basically, buy what you like, don’t buy what you don’t like. But definitely don’t buy it because some group says you should buy it. That goes for CHU as well. What I might like you might not like. And when it comes to new books that I’m speculating on, whether it’s just a good read or might heat up, it’s all unknown even to me. If I could predict the future, well, I wouldn’t be here typing this cause I’d be living it up on my mega yacht near my private island, not fiddling with comics as a side hustle and hobby… :wink:


I took it as a play on words. Like “prospect”. A prospective list.

that’s wild but it makes sense. I guess as an older collector my POV is a bit skewed. I never thought NS would be a thing. I admit now while looking for books, it becomes a nice little surprise if you get one.

I agree. Some books folks on CHU mention peak my interest. Not everything, but everyone knows a lot on here and it’s fun when people share what they hunt for. I’m not crapping on the apps or the youtube shows, if anything they certainly bolster the collecting. I think it’s great.

When I saw the Cap book listings, then did searches for 2nd prints, or even 3rd prints, everything was marked up. I’m not a flipper so it’s a bummer when a book is a little too much without it really having a reason for the price. But such is the “Bay”…


ahhh silly me lol