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OK! OK! The source is a bit suspect I know! That being said, sometimes where there is smoke, there is fire. Wanted to see what you all think about this. Basically, some high rollers are looking to acquire the rights to publish DC comics themselves. This could be a good thing IF they entrust the people they put in place with EXPERIENCE to do their jobs and create great books. It could be bad IF they act like a meddling team owner who wants to be GM and then watch their team only have 4 playoff wins in 25 years (HAHA COWBOYS!).

Anyways, just seeing what you think if something like this were to happen.

Where’s the source coming from? I swear every other week a rumor comes out DC is dying, DC comics won’t be published, Marvel buying DC. Etc

Totally forgot to add the link. It’s in there now!

I can’t see it happening. And Im not so sure it would be a good thing. Making quality comics isn’t as easy as it sounds. There would need to be some good, experienced heads running the day to day operations to make it work. Interesting none the less.

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Just offer it up to the Reddit Gang. Heck, I’ll chip in a few shares of GME and AMC for the cause.

DC comics…TO THE MOON!


From a distance i.e. not really being in the know, it strikes me that a separation from AT&T might be a good thing. Lots of the rumours suggest that they are not really that bothered by the comics and only value the IP. If that’s true, it would be good to place the company under leadership that cares.

I hope, however, that if this group of investors is going to spend so much money they are wise enough to put in people who know the industry and have a clear creative vision. I have loved DC since I was a kid, but I wouldn’t want to be at the helm!

DC’s recent history has a few too many mis-steps, so let’s hope someone can put that right. The company has an amazing array of heroes and could be great under the right direction.

Only final thought is wondering if the comic book arm can feasibly survive and thrive without income from IP and merchandising?

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I don’t put any trust in these rumors, but if a big sale happened I wouldn’t be surprised. Does that make sense?


I don’t think it’s likely, but if something like this were to transpire – I think it would mean an even tighter roster of titles. Series and mini-series with B- and C-list characters would probably be a thing of the past.

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Comic Book Exclusives is the buyer. The plan is to burn comics 24/7 to provide heat for every orphanage in the country. However, these children will not be taught to read because only the covers matter.


I dont think it would make any difference in quality.

Without toy, video game, mobile game, movie, tv money it would be a big loser of an investment. Does it even matter Batman and Superman will become public domain soon like 8 years.

2034 or so. But I expect that to be extended again.

I agree. If this were to ever happen, put the experienced people in place and let them do their jobs.

I hope they start denying these extensions… this prohibits innovation and creativity of new ideas. People can’t come up with “similar” heroes in fear they’ll get sued etc.

I love how this has basically become an entrenched meme in the community.

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