Legends of the Dark Knights

And that, in my opinion, is the biggest reason for all the new characters. Batman’s sales were wayyyy down and they were looking to bring them back up to “normal” levels.

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Yup… Bravo DC… Bravo… :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


:joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Looks like PoorBoyComics wants to make you a poor boy if you purchase their variant of DM Legends 1:25 https://www.poorboycomics.com/search?q=death+metal+legends

It should be a gradual rise of the book until she gets animated or put in a Harley and Joker movie.

If they successfully charge that, I’d love to know what their local competition Torpedo ends up charging.

Punchline was the only one I cared about. Same with BWL, I think he is just going to get bigger. Robin king seems a little less orginal. It’s like they had to follow up BWL with another character for this new volume of death metal.

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That’s funny, the other day they were sold out. I wonder how many orders they canceled on people to jack the price up?

I’d say it’s more likely they held some back. I ordered a lot of stuff from them without any problems at all. Good people over there.

Let’s hope so… cause any shop that cancels a pre-order so they can sell at a higher price deserves a good smacking… and publicly shamed.

Golden rule number 1, always honor thy pre-order price.

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Out of curiosity, @agentpoyo, how many ‘extra’ copies do you think are ordered due purely to speculators? I do not think it is that much.

I’m not following your question?

I asked them when they were sold out and they told me were sold out and tried shoving another variant in my face, Wack! @Alana poor boy more like Ghetto Boy

You stated above that you think Tynion is creating all these new Villians/characters in order to play the speculators, in order to increase the print run/sales for DC. If that is the case, how many extra copies are ordered/ sold to speculators chasing that 1st appearance, on top of what was initially ordered by stores iyo? Or perhaps I have misread the above comments.

Held some back my ass, when I saw you got any copies and your response is no and try to sell me on another variant u deserve a Smacking like @agentpoyo said

Oh, who knows. That’s an impossible question to answer since print runs are all speculative since they never release such actual info. I’m pretty sure a lot of copies land in speculators hands before they land into collectors or readers hands.

These were the comments my poorly phrased question was referring too. I read that as; DC/Tynion juicing the books with 1st appearances in order to create more demand, specifically among the speculators. In my humble opinion, I don’t think that print runs are affected very much by preorder speculation.

Print runs don’t affect value in the sense if the demand is higher than supply.

If the demand is there, a book with a million copies can still be valuable when supplies start to run dry while demand continues.

We all know print runs don’t determine a books value, look at the thousands and thousands of indie books that have super small print runs that come out each and every year that cover price or worthless…

We are comparing Batman to Indie books now…?

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