Legion of Super Heroes #7 1:25

Just in case anyone missed it…there was a 1:25 variant added. Gold Lantern cover similar to the character ones they are doing with Batman.
I know some of you mentioned you love the varied “Lanterns”.

he is on cover of legion of super heroes #1 lcsd that was limited to 600

Imho that is just a Store variant by comicspro. And it has every character one can imagine on it. Rather get the offical first cover of him

I haven’t been able to confirm this myself as I own no copies of either book, but, Gold Lantern made an appearance in Superman #14 (the issue with the recalled cover).

And in Supergirl #33 (the issue with the recalled cover).

Thanks to Riggerone for passing this along.


Face is in this cover also (back left). As I recall there were some changes/controversy with this image in Previews initially vs final product due to shading alterations.

Regardless of all of these…Legion #6 is still holding fairly steady at this point. Not earth shattering…but consistent sales of $15-$20 a week later. I’ll take it. Will all depend on what happens with him and Monster Boy.