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Just a place to show off recent lego finds or news about old and new Lego products.

This is meant to compliment Poyos LEGOSHEATINGUP.COM Website, so be sure to check that out as well…seems a little lonely there these days…

I’ll kick this off by highlighting a set that’s now out at (and sold out at many) Targets.

Mandelorian Battle Pack set #75267. It retails for about $15, but online has been selling for about $25-$30 shipped. I expect these to make their way to Walmart’s and other retailers…but their is a potential small window if opportunity given the series just concluded and everything Mandelorian is hot.

Also, since most people just want he figures, some are braking this up and selling the figures loose for $10-$12 shipped ea. Some potential flipping there as well.

My Target online said there was 4 in stock, but when I stopped by this afternoon it had none on the shelves…so I ordered it and it says it’s ready for pickup…and now picking up more is no longer an option. I plan on opening mine and putting the figures alongside my other bobas. To hell with the vehicles! :grin:

Side Note: Back in 2011 there was another set under the same name (#7914) under the clone wars series which also had 4 figures…that set sells for over $50 today (retailed for about $13).

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Yeah, I’ve been neglecting it… :frowning:

You can also buy from
icon as well. They’re on backorder but if you get orders in and over $35, free shipping.

I’ve ordered most of my sets from online and they arrive fast (unless it’s backordered) and safe. LEGO does a great job with their packaging.

Also, online these are limit of 50 per customer from their online shop…

Limit of 50?! Well forget it then :wink: also has a rewards program where you get $ coupons for future purchases. And they’ll also offer incentives like free Lego sets if you meet a minimum purchase or double points on purchases.

For example, I ordered a Lego cargo train for my son for x-mas. Free shipping, plus I got a free gingerbread house Lego set, double points (which qualified me for another $20 coupon on a future purchase) and I used the Rakuten app and got another $5 in cash.

So $45 in savings/bonuses plus free shipping. Not bad.

Yup, I’ve almost switched all my LEGO purchases online. It’s easy to get free shipping, they usually include bonus sets and if you signup to be VIP, you gain points that you can use to make purchases or grab other stuff they might giveaway via points.

Sometimes the freebies pay off too, knocking down your total cost if you flip the freebie sets.

The Black Friday Sale of 1989 Batmobile got people a free mini Batmobile. So spend $250 on a set and the 1989 Batmobile mini-set is selling for around $75 to $90 currently. I think I also got the Free Christmas Tree set as well, which I think these sell for $20 or so.

Anyone watching the new Lego Masters
TV Series?

Pretty cheesy, but my 5 year old is a Lego maniac so we’ve been watching it together.

I’ve meant to watch it but have not yet.

My family and I have watched the first couple episodes together. It’s a fun little show but we’re Lego biased in this household.

Message from LEGO

Dear LEGO® Fan,

The health and safety of children and communities worldwide is our top priority.

That’s why we are temporarily closing the LEGO® Brand Retail stores we own and operate until at least March 27th in all countries except China. We are pleased to hear that for our stores in Shanghai and Beijing, life is slowly starting to return to normal.?

Our online store on LEGO.comremains open, and you can find our latest updates at

This is a constantly changing situation. However, one thing we do know for sure is that our fans remain as awesome as ever. It’s inspiring to see so many of you around the world looking after one another, and we take strength from the fact that play and learning can bring families together for moments of joy, even at the most uncertain times.

Stay safe, stay strong and stay awesome!

Your friends at the LEGO Group

My youngest wanted to go to Lego Land in Carlsbad CA. for his birthday in 2 weeks. Now California is shut down. We told him that once everything goes back to normal we will celebrate.

That’s tough. My son is turning 6 in June and wants a big party with friends…friends he probably won’t see for months by the looks of things. I don’t see it happening at this point (not on his b-day), but holding out hope this country will heed the warnings and takes this threat seriously and at least knock back this initial wave, learn as much as we can about it and get the kids back in school.

That’s really my #1 motivation to do what’s being asked of me by government and scientists. Get the kids back in school safely/minimal risk of having to go through this again (for the same virus, anyway…there will always be another one but there will be better contingency plans in place I would imagine).

Come on, @agentpoyo. You know you want it…

Nope… Going with the NES instead.

Wow, I agree! I won’t be buying it though.

Amazing detail, even the back of the boob-tube! Antenna and all! Brings back memories…

Here’s my Lego Grail…fortunately I picked it up at KB toys on clearance for $50 about 20 years ago…


Don’t tell my LEGO maniac son (who’s 6 now)…not sure how much longer I can keep it hidden from him and sealed…

Plan is to someday sell it, with the funds by a complete set opened, then pocket the profits.

Another favorite of mine. This one I had to open…my son has built it about 3-4 times…working on it again this morning…

Anyone ever play with this Brixies things? They are like mini legos.

Omg, even the instructions are miniature?!
I can’t see the individual bricks I’m supposed to lay out!!


Next to my thumb are the parts that have seams that I can’t see!

It’s like one of those eye charts at the doctors that you’re squinting really hard to see what letters are along then bottom row…

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