LEGOs Heating Up

if legos heat up, wouldnt they melt ?


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Happy new years eve.


Here is a set that I am pre-ordering for my wife. It will likely hear up due to to many Lego and Batman Animated Series fans out there. Who knows though lol…


I’m on the fence with that one. I really like it, but the price is telling me no.

Plus i have the 89 batmobile in pieces still. That set is gonna take me a year to finish. Lesson learned for legos. Even though i saved $200, the headache of 2k pieces majoriry black was not worth it :rofl:

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I gotta start utilizing my insider who works at Lego and gets me 1/2 off.
Just have never wanted to begin building this stuff. Too much time… way too much time.

But that Avengers tower and this Batman Animated are spectacular


Hook it up!!!

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4200 pieces!!! OMG.
I think I’ll pass, else I be building that thing until I’m in the ground 6 ft under

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I got 2 young boys. They will build it in 6hrs lol jk jk

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I don’t think you’re that far off…my young son a a build a 2000 piece Lego set in a day. Like 8 hr day.

This is what he put together between yesterday and this morning. Holds an egg and rotates it (motorized) so you can paint strips/patterns.

Even thought ahead far enough to incorporate a hatch for maintenance. Quite the engineer at age 9.



Apparently this came out today?

My two recent lego sets are the smaller scale r2d2 and the millenium falcon. Tons of details on both sets. And both sets being less than $100 was a plus. Next is the small scale super star destroyer. These smaller sets also save space, and they display extremely well

I saw the falcon today built at the Lego store…very nice. I’m very tempted.

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I recommend it. It’s a fun little build with some hidden details.

Not heating up. Just a new set coming out.

Dark Falcon!